Monday , March 1 2021

Judge Volleyball, Salvini and Figc: "Ora Linea Dura" – Sports

"An education situation, something out of the world, but now it's changing: From now on, those who make mistakes pay and pay heavily." Matteo Salvini goes straight to the point and at the end of the summit convened at Viminale with the Prime Minister in charge of the sport Giorgetti, Figc and Aia to analyze the phenomenon of violence against football judges, he illustrates his point of attack following Sunday by young race director Riccardo Bernardini at the end of a match in the Lazio Promotion League.

"I've been working for five months to monitor the limits, I did not think there were any football plans to defend," says the Interior Minister, stressing "numbers that make us reflect and abandon: we talk about hundreds of abuse and intrusion into the emergency room for boys that they have a passion, that's why I applaud the initiative to cancel the championships on Sunday in Lazio, hope it will be the last signal to send before the alarm. "

"I will do everything possible to keep rules, discipline, good education and sanctions on camps – allow the deputy premier – I refuse to consider the idea of ​​militarizing them, but we have to punish the criminals. Wildlife and unfair, which for 75 % of cases come from cardholders and not from followers, and what I'm concerned, those who perform these actions must be resolved. "

Salvini in short is the hard line and witnessed the foul against Higuain, revealed to Juventus for saying a few words too much to the referee: "Although you were a Milan fan, I was ashamed of the behavior of our striker, invaluable, I hope that they give him a long disqualification. "The task of reviewing the rules and sanctions will now touch the new Federcalcio presided over by Gabriele Gravina, reminiscent of Salvini," took in recently, but I'm sure that in a few months will get cleaner air on the fields ".

And the new number 1 on Via Allegri announces that the theme "will have absolute priority in the next federal council. The punishment for the violence on the judiciary will have to grow. We must begin to think about sanctions in the order of one or two years until the exclusion and removal of The Violent We start a path of wide renewal, we need to give immediate signals, just negotiate about these boys' passion. " Guys Who Remember Marcello Nicchi, CEO of the Italian Judges Association, is in need of dealing with "a problem that has been going on for years".

"Today we have reached zero, from here we have to start a clean and correct kick. It's time to turn the page – explains The Hague's boss. There is a new federation and together with all the components we will work to change things that do not go, I can not take it any longer we fight for years, The Hague does not accept and no longer accepts to send their children to the massacre without anyone disturbing this phenomenon enough. "

For the giant Giorgetti, "but this situation is a turning point, it could be an opportunity for the football federation to change sports culture with a new course that must inspire a new value system to educate our young people. A collective survey of conscience, we must look at the future with new ideas for eradicating violence ".

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