Saturday , March 6 2021

Juve: fans acknowledge Dybala, Paratici is in trouble but doesn't make sense | primapagina

The chain, recognized as a shining star, Paulo Dybala resumed sleeping sensations yesterday, Bianconeri splendor that didn't seem to be returning. In Vernissage by Villar Perosa, the fans were all for him. A collective, enveloping embrace. The Juventus people saw him arriving roughly, almost in their twenties with his face clean as an eternal teenager. He finds him after 4 years in trouble, knocked on the door, frightened and disappointed with a situation he did not think he should face. Paulo experienced with amazement and naive but understandable emotion, the love that the fans poured on him. He thanked those whom communication in these times demands through social media with a photo and three symbolic emoticons: a house and two colors, white and black.

PARATICI DOES NOT CHANGE IDEA – Dybala sees Juve as her home, but Fabio Paratici has different ideas. The words from yesterday from ds have with the necessary sweetening for such themes confirmed what is the company's plan for Joya: "There are some interests, some talking, they are done for Dybala as for the other players. It's something about staying, we need to talk about it together." The Argentine remains for sale, Juve trying to find the best solutionthat satisfies the player, but above all, allows the club to register a valuable capital gain, which gives a breath to the budget.

SOLUTIONS – the Bayern Munich he asked for information about the class & # 39; 93 several times, but there are currently no suggestions, and the purchase of Perisic as well as the trial of Coutinho makes the Bavarian hypothesis less and less credible. As the UK market is closed, only the market remains PSG, currently blocked by the complicated Neymar case. In recent days there have been contacts between Leonardo and Jorge Antun, agent and friend of Paulo, who for the Parisian DS is one of the possible replacements for O'Ney. Juve expects an offer, knowing that the more time goes by, the more complicated the situation. Thinning the attack department is a non-delayed priority, with Higuain planted in Turin (and Rome making a point), and Mandzukic with a little lag, Paratici could be forced to seriously consider exchanging Dybala with Mauro Icardi. The possible operation financially, that would be useful for both companies, but Juventus will do everything to find alternative ways: Giving Joya to Inter for Paratici is really the last resort.

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