Monday , October 18 2021

Light and water bills with higher costs, such as gas-covered gas fraud. How to defend yourself


At this point, several consumer associations come to play with regard to gas bills after the fraud revealed by the hyena. But with this, there are common reports of crazy bills with higher amounts for water and light. And consumer organizations are also moving. But apart from that, it is useful to know already what rules are and how to defend themselves and behave in these cases.

How many times has it therefore happened to get a disproportionate invoice compared with real consumption? If the use of users has been regular because the meter records abnormal numbers? And in those cases, what should you do? Can disk data be challenged? The matter is obviously sensitive, as the home appliances executives, whether they are light or gas, refer to what is stated in the consumption tray, which can not be manipulated without any trace. How to move? How far does the calculator count the full test?

Is the calculator a real test or not?

Upon closer examination, this is a more widespread situation than it may seem. How many times have we heard a friend's story or have we read the story of those who, when returning from a more or less long period, found the electricity, gas or water meter with increased consumption? Or, even more clearly, have we been able to deliver an invoice with a much higher amount to pay than they used to be? Although the manager refers to the information in the counter, it is likely to believe that there may be some errors and therefore valid reasons for claiming payment from the operators of the light and the case.

And it's not a coincidence when it took very little to get the matter over to a judge. The Latina Court expressed itself in a verdict aimed at making jurisprudence. Well, the positive news for the consumer is that the meter is not a complete proof. It is indeed a so-called relative presumption, that is, those who are the subject of evidence against the opposite and may be reversed. However, it is up to the user to prove otherwise, otherwise the consumption is detected by the meter to be correct. And here's another question: How do you prove it, given that only one authorized technician can intervene?

Who is responsible for the meter functioning correctly?

Now the court in Latina decides that the user does not need to prove that the meter has malfunction, but it is enough that he has a reasonable suspicion that it will not work. At that time, it will be up to the user's management company to check the case. It is up to you to display the correct function and correspondence between the information provided and the information given in the consumption statement.

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