Friday , August 6 2021

Luigi Di Maio, the new tragic temptation: "Where we would look good". The plan for M5s and Pd: what place they give it

He would have offered him the position of premier, Matteo Salvini, e Luigi Di Maio has publicly and indignantly rejected: "Fake new, we don't think about the seats". We read the truth based on Corriere della Sera, it is within 5-star movement to the (new) armchairs they think about it and that they are already studying the arrangement of seats in case of governance with Pd. Among the grillini, there would be rumors of a "proposal", in fact a "temptation" related to the boss.

Also read: "Salvini offered Di Maio prime minister seat to bring back the crisis"

"Luigi would be an excellent interior minister, certainly better than Salvini," many recall. after citizenship income, pensions and companies in crisisIn short, Di Maio will be (not) advised to control the themeimmigration and security, with those already announced at the mouth of the MEP Pietro Bartolo the willingness to execute the security decree and the legitimate defense point by point when arriving at Palazzo Chigi. Yes, Di Maio might be really perfect.

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