Tuesday , March 2 2021

Nadia Toffa, the tribute doesn't stop in August

Also on the day of Ferragosto in Contrada Santa Chiara in the city, a quiet procession entered the theater to pause for a few minutes in front of the white coffin of Nadia Toffa.

Moved eyes, sad faces, from those who shared friendship, work, moments of joy or pain with the grisly Leonessa, but also of who only knew her through television. Nadia has been an example to many, a pride to the Brescians, a young woman who fought, as the many sentences written by those who would greet her for the last time testify.

There are still many, ten, hundreds, the people who go to Nadia Toffa's funeral home to offer their final goodbyes to the smiling warrior, to offer their condolences to the family, to his mother Margherita, to father Maurizio and to the sisters Mara and Silvia. Even the workers of Ilva by Taranto they wanted to send a message to Nadia Toffa's family.

Tomorrow at. 10:30 in the cathedral the last farewell to the funerals was celebrated, precisely on the occasion of Nadia by Father Maurizio Patriciello, the parish priest symbol of the battle against the "fire-land": another of the battles in which he had participated with the determination that marked it.