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Pensions latest news, the Oranga envelopes arrive at home. Bad news for quota 100


Because we often talk about it early and specifically related to this theme is the measurement Share 100 This action, which has occurred in recent weeks, can be introduced, as we have already said several times, as of next year. But there are some Alternative to quote 100 to retire early? Yes, it appears that in order to retire with the violation of the law, Fornero earns 38 years of contribution. However, working life seems to have been seized in recent decades, especially for those who started working very early. The fact is that there are 60 years and 30 years of contribution and therefore in these cases How can I retire? We'll see below what's Alternative to Quote 100 for early retirement.

Early retirement all options

So far, it seems like one workers over 60 years of age 30, orEven smaller years of contributions can not be taken advantage of early. This is what is stipulated in the Fornero Act, according to which, regardless of age, 42 years and 10 months contribution for men and 41 years and 10 months contribution for women would be necessary. In this case, it would not be impossible to use the woman's alternative or the measure that allows you to retire when you reach 57 years and 7 months if you are employed and 58 years and 7 months for self-employed workers with 35 years of contribution .

Advance pension and other cases

Those who have less than 30 years of contribution actually have the opportunity to retire and one of these can be given early retirement contribution. Requirements to be met, however, would be different. First and foremost, it will be necessary to have reached 63 years and 7 months, while the fees must have matured for at least twenty years, of which at least 18 must have occurred as of December 31, 1995. We must also have paid About 5 years of contribution since 1996.

It will also be necessary to have at least one grant credit at a separate management. So you do not need more than twenty years' contributions to retire early, but this does not apply for example to officials, for people with disability at 80% or 60 years and 7 months if men are 55 years and 7 months for women. It takes more than twenty years to retire for all workers who have reached the age of 66 and 7 months.

Quota 100 pensions, with penalty of 30%

with Share 100 Pensions can be penalized by up to 30% for this calculation of Parliament's budget office. Where Share 100 which corresponds to the sum of the age of at least 62 years and a contributory income of approximately 38 years, the measure may at least potentially 2019 up to 437,000 active taxpayers and this is still the estimate of the Budget Office for the Managing Analysis presented to the House during the hearing. "If the entire floor used the output channel as soon as satisfied customer requirements resulted in an increase in gross pension expenditures estimated at almost 13 billion in 2019 substantially stable over the following years" These are the words expressed by The president of the upb Giuseppe Pisauro. The reduction of gross pension, for all who choose Quote 100, rThe current inspector would go to 5% for an advance of just one year and more than 30% with an advance of over 4 years.

Early retirement with Share 100, This could mean that at least potentially up to 437,000 people in 2019 talk about active taxpayers. In the document filed by Parliament's budget office on budget commissions It is said that if the entire audience used this outgoing channel as soon as the requirements were met, it could increase the gross pension amounting to almost 13 billion in 2019 and would then be stable thereafter.

According to the latest news, Share 100 Therefore, it will be and will begin immediately from the first months of 2019. It is one of the biggest news about pension reform as provided for in the budget bill approved in October 15 by the Council of Ministers. It has actually been a few weeks since we began to understand how it works quota 100 to be able to go early retirement and also all the news waiting for us for 2019. About Quote 100, quThis would be a new type of pension that is likely to come into force with the next budget line. This will give the opportunity to leave work when the sum of both the age and the annual contribution not paid by the worker will be at least 100.

the early retirement fee 100 It will be achieved after reaching a minimum age of 62 years and a contribution of 38 years. Although the calculation was achieved, Share 100 will not allow retirement if the age is not 62 and the fees are not equal to 38 years. So, to be able to enter early retirement with quota 100, It will be necessary to respect contributions and personal requirements and these innovations, they have been reaffirmed once moreMatteo Salvini League, after the approval of the 2019 draft proposal, which states, inter alia, that there will be no sanctions.

Early retirement pension 2019 with quota 100 and quota 41: claim

It seems like Share 100 It will not be successful to replace the current one early and even the early early with 41 years of contribution. These two systems seem as if they will remain in force and will not lead to any form of punishment with the introduction of Share 100 This will only be a chance for workers to enter the labor market in advance and absolutely not an obligation. Of course if it is Early retirement or Share 100, certain requirements must be met. But what are these requirements and, above all, the most important differences? Let's try to make clarity.

Early retirement, how it works

Share 100 seems to be a solution that is not suitable for those with a large number of years of contribution, but not yet the right age for access to this measure. Let's take a concrete example, calculate a worker who started working very early, or at 16 and at age 56, has already matured 40 years of contribution. The result of the sum would not amount to 100 and it would in fact mean that it could not be utilized Share 100 What would then be the options to retire? One solution might be to take advantage of Share 41. However, this is not a measure intended for all but only reserved for certain categories of workers, namely:
– Unemployed as a result of termination or resignation
– self-employed or employees who have helped disabled people for approximately 6 months under Law 104
– employees and self-employed persons with an invalidity equal to or higher than 74%
– heavy and tired workers

Early retirement: all requirements for access

However, it is possible to retire even if you have a contributing age. You can take advantage of early according to the provisions of the Fornero Act, starting from next year, the opportunity to go 43 years and 3 months for men and 42 years and 3 months for women. The government would also like block the increase in retirement age about the expected life expectancy. However, the grant requirements would be 42 years and 10 months for men and 41 years and 10 months for women, but at present nothing is official.

Retired with quota 100 and quota 41

We have already said how Share 100 It will not change the pension process, which will remain in force as expected today. In the event that quota 41 was introduced to all, Deputy Prime Minister Salvini could change things. However, these changes can only be reached by 2020.

Pension, the oranga envelopes come home. Bad news for quota 100

In the theme of pensions It seems like one comes million orange envelopes of INPS before the end of 2018. Then the coming weeks will be sent to the grant extract which includes a simulation of the Futura pension, based on what has so far been paid for the expected salary for the date of issue from working life. This is the message given directly by INPS President Tito Boeri. The exercise of making simulations to calculate your pension over the years is more common and in the last two years, 5.4 million employees were specially able to make the calculation through my Futura pension. According to reports from Tito Boeri, This service will also be expanded to include officials within the next two years.

As a result the recipient's audienceThis online simulation service will expand to 500,000 officials, craftsmen and traders. However, it should be emphasized as the simulation does not include the quota 100, but it was done on the basis of current legislation. Just as regards pensions, INPS President remained critical and pointed out how, however, the presence of this early exit would have a serious impact on those whopensionor. "For all the hypotheses that new opportunities for early output will give us, we know that spending for the first year is much lower than the second year, and this happens both because Windows is being considered and then for the second year added new to the recipients. is of course not the difference of 300 million we find today in the fund's capital contribution. " These are the words declared by INPS President Tito Boeri regarding the estimates for the retirement of 62 years and 38 years of contribution.

Fee 100 charges and penalties

According to UPB, there seems to be some penalties for the quota 100 and this is a likely likelihood that it makes it almost literally impossible to believe that the entire audience of potential recipients of early retirement can decide together to resort to early. The expenses for meeting the needs would amount to approximately 13 billion.

This is the estimate made directly by President Giuseppe Pisauro, which added that this estimate is not directly comparable to the resources allocated to the Fund for the review of the pension system for various factors. Despite this, the numbers indicate how the sanctions will actually be and the recipients will certainly be affected, the leader of Lega Matteo Salvini intervened to try to clarify the situation and he would have just defined a big soap bubble.

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