Wednesday , October 27 2021

"Two weights and two actions, Higuain of Naples and Milan differ from Juventus"


From Milan: Two weights and two goals, Higuain of Naples and Milan differ from Juventus

Franco Order, journalist de Il Giornale, intervened on the microphone Milan News. Here is what is emphasized by the editors of Calcio Napoli 24.

There are two topics on the agenda: Higuain and his disqualification plus injuries that have put Gattuso in crisis. Let's start from the first. With a premise on the decision about the club's decision to oppose a claim to have a reduction of the penalty from 2 to 1 day. For a spa whose leader has to respond to the Anglo-American shareholders, it seems like an obligation for me. Also because in this case it is not one of the "hateful" episodes that affect society's iron fist. Higuain has been warned, he has protested without ever pronouncing an insult, he has repeated the protest against Rossoneri soda and bianconeri rivals before tearing and apologizing, publicly for all and privately even to the referee. Two rounds are the right penalty, but it is equally legitimate for Milan to appeal in the hope of getting a small discount. In addition to the debate on the size of the sentence, another was opened on the disciplinary curriculum in Gonzalo during his Italian career.

In Naples and Milan he was treated in a certain way, with the juvenile shirt he behaved in a more dygodic way. To quote these statistics, and the numbers can not be denied, if something interprets, I have received a number of disputes. To show that the different treatment is not a child of this age, there is a testimony that I like to remind the public. And that's Luisito Suarez. During a Tiki Taka broadcast, the former Golden Ball in Barcelona and Inter told the different behavior that the judges received after the change of the club. "When I was at Inter in Moratti and Allodi, if I protested, the judge was not allowed to hear. But when I went to Samp and protested the same way, the judge came and told me: Next time I'm killing it!". Like saying: It's the world that's turning this way, not just football, and it's not going to be scandalized.

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