Friday , October 22 2021

What did Minniti say about his candidacy as Secretary of the Democratic Party


«When you open Congress road my answer, laugh resolution of the reserve, it will arrive in a few hours ". Marco Minniti He decided to keep his papers still covered, but for the former interior minister the prospect of one candidacy one Secretary the pd It is becoming more concrete. "If my dedication will help make the party more united and strong," Minniti added, responding to a question from Myrta Merlino at the presentation of her book Security is freedom in Florence, together with the former premiere Matteo Renzi and to the mayor Dario Nardella, "I will not subtract myself". The conference route opens formally Saturday November 17th, with the composition of the Democratic Party. To attend the party, the ex-minister said "does not mean a single candidacy" because "a party that has no confrontation, a clear dialectic, is not a living party. For me, do a favor for my party to make a favor to my country ".

Renzi He commented: "Marco will decide what to do, he does not lack freedom, independence and independence. I think the best service that can play in relation to the Democratic Party is to hope for a authoritative and reformist candidacy, but I won twice with 70% and from the day after they made me war. So, we'll see what Minniti will do in the next few hours, but I will not spend the next three months telling me how to down Nicola Zingaretti. Because my goal is to defeat Salvini, Di Maio and it handed over by the President of the Council».


The former interior minister is run by Renziani for making tickets with Teresa Bellanova, former deputy minister of development and senator. The goal is to challenge Nicola Zingaretti, supported by the area of ​​Dario Franceschini and Piero Fassino and sponsored by Paolo Gentiloni. The date is still uncertain primary, which will be decided by the Commission appointed Saturday of the management that will meet after the meeting, in the afternoon. In recent days rumors have increased to speed up the process: the elections to the European Parliament argued in May, but before the region elections in Abruzzo, Basilicata and Sardinia.


Currently there are five candidates for the Democratic Party Secretariat: Nicola Zingaretti, Francesco Boccia, Matteo Richetti, Cesare Damiano and Dario Corallo. The decisions, like Minniti, the outgoing secretary Maurizio Martina, are waiting for him to bring the united party to the assembly first. Meanwhile they started out committees by Renzi, in Turin dei Yes, bye. In principle, the months of January and February will be devoted to club conferences and provinces, which will choose the three most voted candidates who will compete in the primaries. Gazebo should be opened on 3 or 10 March. If none of the three candidates reached 50%, they would go to the National Assembly to elect the secretary.

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