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Ama Ueno, to the seventh person Achievement Arimura also "almost no fault exists" / Girls – Golf – SANSPO.COM (Sansupo)

No. 18 Noriko Uemino hugs out with Hall Out and Chie Arimura (right) = Elieres Golf Club Matsuyama (Photographed, Shinya Iwakawa)

No. 18 Noriko Uemino who hugs with Hall Out and Chie Ariyoshi (right) = Elieres Golf Club Matsuyama (Photographed / Shinya Iwakawa) 【Expansion】

Daio Pulp Ellière / Women's Day 3 (17th · Ehime Prefecture Elieres GC Matsuyama = 6525 meters, par 72) 20-year-old Minnami aiming for the first tournament victory after professionalism scored 64 and reached 13 under, 203 Tomoe Arimura, Matsuda Suzuhide, Amateur Ueno Nanako (Tokai Univ. Osaka Otoshi Takashi) has emerged as a leader.

Ueno, 18, played steadily in three birdies, a bogey in 70, lined up to the top of the 18-hole top. "It was a fun day, I was a little nervous at the last Birdie pit (I removed it at number 18), and then I could calm myself as usual," he said with a smile.

If you win, it will be a big success for the seventh amateur championship in tour history. Arimura who is a masterpiece who joined the same group got her tongue saying "I can hardly find an error". The 3rd grade highlights its attention: "I would like to play happily without thinking tomorrow (18th) tomorrow (18th), which is a perfect score for the current position."

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