Saturday , May 15 2021

Burst while iPhone X was updated to iOS 12.1. Apple is investigating the cause! | NicoNico News

iOS 12.1Updated toiPhone XThere is a report that has caused fever and exploded.

iPhone X fever, explosion during update to iOS 12.1

CoatMr y Mohamadali (@ rocky_mohamad) published on Twitter "iPhone X has fever and exploded in the process of updating to @ Apple iOS 12.1, what's up ???".

In response, Apple replies, "It's obviously not a normal move, send us a DM, I'll investigate."

After that I have posted that I sent iPhone to Apple for investigation.

According to the information like "Gadgets 360" was confirmed to the owner of iPhone X in question Rahel Mohamad, iPhone X was purchased in January and seems to operate normally.

iPhone When you update to iOS 12.1 while loading X, it seems that the smoke has finally increased and it is ignited.

iPhone There is no other information that X has a fever, ignition occurred when updating iOS, and it can be a very rare case that Apple says.

appleIt will wait to investigate the cause.

iPhone – Apple

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