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EXILE Tsuyoshi Iwata, joy in jewelry for his first attempt at the Okinawa Sea by swimwear – Model Press

【Tsuyoshi Iwata / Model Press = November 20】 EXILE / third generation J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE Tsuyoshi Iwata appeared on New TVCM of cosmetics sent nationwide from December 7th. Prior to that, at the campaign site, from November 20, CM and web-only movies will be released.

Tsuyoshi Iwata (Photo provided)
Tsuyoshi Iwata (Photo provided)

This new TVCM film was filmed in September with Okinawa's coral care ocean. Third generation J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE feat.Yellow Claw's song "RAINBOW", draws Iwata in a beautiful ocean as clear water and lecture on coral cultivation.

Tsuyoshi Iwata (Photo provided)
Tsuyoshi Iwata (Photo provided)

At the end of the store, "When you get beautiful, the earth will be beautiful, will you make" SAVE BLUE "with me?", Inviting participation in activities. In CM it is also interesting to see Iwata actually visit Okinawa and experience coral distribution. Iwata's serene looks and innocent smiles, as I show on the great sea of ​​Okinawa, draw attention.

Iwata Tsuyoshi, to the sea of ​​Okinawa with swimsuit

Tsuyoshi Iwata (Photo provided)
Tsuyoshi Iwata (Photo provided)

In September when filming was done, it's a rainy season in Okinawa. I was worried about the weather on the day of shooting, but as Iwata himself said "It's a sunny man", he was blessed with nice weather and nice sunny conditions. Photography starts from the scene that dives into the ocean. It was a difficult shot in the sea where the position was difficult to stabilize, but Iwata's serious personality was a glimpse of how he tried it many times seriously.

Between the photographs there is also an innocent aspect of Iwata, who plays with little fish swimming in Okinawa's sea. I was surprised that the sea's insight was high and the fish in the sea was clearly visible.

Tsuyoshi Iwata (Photo provided)
Tsuyoshi Iwata (Photo provided)

In this shot, Iwata himself perceived the coral division department, and representatives of "sea seeds" who perform aquaculture grafting activities, Koji Kaneshiro will receive a lecture on the current coral situation. By actually moving the coral, it seemed as though I thought about the importance of environmental protection. (Modelpress editorial department)

Comment by Takeshi Iwata

– What was your impression and awareness when you decided to appear in the CM campaign?

It's my first time to show up on a cosmetic company, and I do not hear much about the performances of men so I was surprised when I got a story. Because it was a trademark that had used Snow Skin a long time ago, I was more than happy! What I was aware of was that I was careful not to burn during shooting.

– What was the fun of this shot, were you fighting?

Even though it was all roque, I knew nature by taking Okinawa's strong sun and became an open feeling! Time was at the end of September so it was a funny shooter who knew Heisei last summer. It was a time for many typhyphones, so I was worried that it could be taken depending on the weather. The cloud was on the day of shooting too, only the shooting time, the cloud passed by, the blue sky spread beautifully and the weather was like a real miracle that the moment the shot ended it began to rain I. All the staff at the shooting area are surely a sunny man and a sunny woman.

– Please tell me about CM's sights.

It's a refreshing worldview that felt the beauty of Okinawa's ocean, sky, coral and great nature photographed with All Loke. I can also see how the coral storage has continued for ten years, so I think I can tell you more in the web film.

– How did you actually try to plant corals?

This was the first time I touched live corals and it was a wonderful thing that Mr. Kose, who has experienced the share of myself and keeps the environment safe again. I thought I would like to convey the business of this "SAVE THE BLUE" to penetrate into the world more.

"Although the beauty of men is fashionable, is it something special with beauty and awareness?

I do not know if it's called beauty, but because I tend to dry the skin myself, I try to choose the moisture type for skin care. When the condition of the body is not good, performance does not take on you, so when you go out to the public, be careful to arrange the condition from day to day so you can maximize self-confidence.

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