Saturday , March 6 2021

Free large-scale update "BEYOND" of space exploration game "No Man's Sky" is now available. Supports VR playback on PS4 / PC !! –

Hello Games & # 39; Space Exploration GamesNo Man's SkyFree big update "BEYOND" is now available. A 50% discount on half-price sales has been held until August 21, 2019.

"Version 2.0" BEYOND "supports full VR playback, PlayStation 4 uses PSVR, and PC uses a VR head-mounted display (*) that supports Steam VR. (* Can also be played with Oculus Rift, etc.)

¡There are also various settings related to VR mode. By default, settings that are relatively intoxicating, such as rotation type movement and rotation at a particular angle, are adopted. On the other hand, those who say "I feel good and want to delve more" can switch to the same real-time movement and rotation as in non-VR mode.

PSVR also supports both motion control operation using PS Move and operation using DUALSHOCK 4 as usual (the PC version must have the same specifications, but at present there is an error in game control operation during VR games) It seems to be .)

In addition, this work, exploring countless stars while discovering necessary resources for adventure, often wanders around and discovers material, so if you start the game from now on, personally We recommend that you start the game in non-VR mode and try VR state once you understand what you're doing.

It feels special to use a motion controller to control a spacecraft with your own hands.

In addition, the multiplayer feature is enhanced in BEYOND. The space station "Space Anomaly" has been changed to act as a hub space where players can gather.

By the way, if you just want to join a friend's session, you can join directly from the Home screen

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