Kei Nishikiori (28 = Nissin Foods), the ninth place in the world, fell with the worst value of tennis life. Eleven matches were initially taken to Kevin Anderson (South Africa) in sixth place and the 12th game was robbed, but it was completely defeated 0 – 6, 1 – 6. "I played the worst game this year, I do not know what it is." It was the second lowest number of games that ever took just one game, the second nightmare since they lost 1-6, 0-6 for Sedeling (Sweden) in the Stockholm Open Semifinal 08.

The characters were my own service of the 1st set 2nd game. Every single service is not in an important stage. I was attacked by return and went back to the back. When I released my service game at the end of three times, I lost the game while it was okay.

Because the service does not enter you can not get the beat. "I did not understand my feeling to the end." I could not control "(the ball)" because it is sometimes used as a used ball. Good beat hit the bottom of the net, exceeded the baseline and got control errors.

It is a win and a loss in the first league group B with this. It will take a semi-final in a match against Thiem (Austria) scheduled for the 15th. "Forget today, I can only fix it in practice tomorrow anyway." As long as it may be the last game this year, I want to outsource it anyway.