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Logitech, 22 mm thick gaming keyboard with "thin mechanical switch"


Logitech Co., Ltd. will release two thin mechanical gaming keyboard products from the “Logitech G” gaming brand on the 29th.

The wireless model "G913" and the wired model "G813" are released and the expected store prices at tax are 30,250 yen and 23,250 yen respectively.

The keypad is equipped with a thin housing that uses aviation 5052 aluminum alloy on the surface, and the body thickness is limited to 22 mm. Equipped with a unique low profile mechanical switch developed with Kaihua and has a durability of 50 million times.

There are three types of switches: tactile with key press, smooth linear and click key with click sound. In both cases, the compression pressure is 50 g and the stroke length is 2.7 mm. Since the activation point is set to as low as 1.5 mm, which is 25% shorter than a normal switch, it is said to contribute to excellent games with high-speed key input.

Each key has an RGB LED backlight and can be set to any color from 16.7 million colors.

∙ The G913 supports Bluetooth 5.0 and Micro USB (wired) connections as well as wireless USB receiver connection using LIGHTSPEED, a unique wireless technology that achieves the same response as a cable connection.

ム チ ウ ム Built-in lithium-ion battery, continuous operating time (when using LED) is 30 hours.

¡In addition to normal keys, the G key, game mode, backlight, media, on-board profile, Bluetooth, LIGHTSPEED button are provided.

The layout is Japanese and has a numeric keypad. There are two levels of height adjustment.

The G813 is a model that omits the wireless function and the Bluetooth / LIGHTSPEED button and also has a USB passport. Others are the same as the G913. The USB cable length is 1.8 m.

The body size is 475 x 150 x 22 mm (width x depth x height) and the weight is 1.025g (G813 is 1.145g). The warranty period is 2 years.

G913 body side

Back and LIGHTSPEED receiver

In the media briefing held in Tokyo, Mr. Wu Wu, the US Logitech Product Director, and Taiga Kishi, Game Caster for Logitech G Brand Ambassador.

From left to right Logitech Logitech G Senior Project Manager Alan Lu, Product Manager Kate Wu, Logitech G Brand Ambassador / Gamecaster Taiga Kishi, Logitech Gaming Cluster Category Manager Genshiro Date

Mr. Wu said: “This time, low-profile switches have been adopted due to the increasing number of laptop users and the increasing number of gamers using the membrane switch keyboard as the first touch on desktop PCs. Adopted as a friendly switch. "

The reason the Kaihua switch was chosen instead of the Cherry MX was because the MX low profile switch only had a linear product lineup.

When asked about the schedule for the numerically keyless model, Mr. Lou "Wait and see."

Mr. Kishi said it was a quick-response keyboard that was not like a conventional mechanical switch and that sports FPS players like Quake emphasized responsiveness and liked the pantograph. He said he can play and because it is an advanced model, he can recommend it to players who want different things.

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