Onshore men's long jump Yuki Hashioka (20 = Nihon University) has set a new record of 8 meters 32 in Japan. Suddenly, the first time with a headwind of 1.6 meters, the self-record was updated 10 cm. After landing, he turned his head, but this season was a good record for the top 5 in the world.

I usually get guidance from coach Masaki Morinaga, who had a Japanese record of 8 meters 25. He marked 8 meters 22 in second place in Japan, but finally exceeded the teacher's record. During the first half, the speed was increased by paying attention to the buttock and the record was also stable. Hashioka has won three Japanese championships in a row. I am also determined to be the representative of the Fall World Cup (Doha).

Father Toshiyuki is a former Japanese record holder who has won the Japanese Championship seven times in a vault. Naomi Mother has a track record in a variety of competitions, such as three consecutive high school championships, with a 100-meter hurdle. My cousin is Urawa's DF Daiki Hashioka, selected as the Japanese soccer team. A large pot with great potential will continue to grow.