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2018.11.14 05: 06(1/4 page)

Otani (left) meets the Angel Stadium. I was immersed in Suwon's interpreter and pleasure accompanying the pleasures of the Japanese hamster (provided with Angels Baseball · cooperation)

Otani (left) meets the Angel Stadium. Embedded in Suwon interpreter and pleasure accompanying the pleasure of the Japanese hamster (Angels Baseball was given · Cooperative) 【Expansion】

LOS ANGELES (California State, California) 12th (Japan time 13)】 Shohei Otani (24) who beat two swords in the United States Major League Angelis, is a new member of the A-League this season by voting by members of National Baseball Reporter Association It was elected king. We collected the first place's vote of 25 out of 30 people and overwhelmed the second place the player. For Japanese players Nomo Hideo 1995, Sasaki Yoshihiro 2000, since 2001 in Ichiro, the fourth performance is 17 years. Ichiro, who volunteered in Japan in return to return to the players, gave a message of blessing.

It gave me a strong and big impact. Otani who received "two sword voices" of the battle, won the rookie for the first time 17 years since Ichiro 2001 because of the victory where the second place is separate from each other.

"I was glad I came to the United States (injured). My injuries were really bad, I had regret emotions, it is an honor to have received such an award in such a situation"

Elected by 30 journalists voted by the National Baseball Reporter Organization. In the 1st to 3rd place, Otani collected first place votes from 25 people. The second place Yankees, Miguel Ando Ha within fielder (23) has five votes. Batting average · 297, 27 home runs and 92 RBIs were considered the biggest rivals, but since Babe of the Baseball Babe Ruth they have hit for the first time in almost a hundred years and continue to give a brilliant impression to the entire country. Otani evaluation was exceeded.

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  • Angel · Otani Shohei was chosen as a rookie and the blessing shown on the electric billboard in the ballpark = Anaheim in the United States (provided by AngelsBaseball · Collaboration)
  • Notifier of Shizuhira Otani of Angels who will be pleased with Suwon Interpretation (right), chosen as rookie rookie of this season, Anaheim (provided by AngelsBaseball)

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