Thursday , October 21 2021

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Kang Jung-ho, 32, who was looking for a new team after being released from American professional baseball Pittsburgh Pirates, opened a new nest in the Milwaukee Brewers.
NBC Sports reported Monday that Milwaukee signed a minor league contract with infielder Kang Jung-ho.
NBC Sports said: "Kang Jung-ho was released earlier this month in Pittsburgh, so there is no charge for Milwaukee to download it."

Kang was caught training with the San Antonio Missions, a Milwaukee League Triple A team, at Nelson Walf Stadium, Texas, before the news of the contract was announced. Joe Alexander, a veteran sports journalist in San Antonio, Texas, posted on his Twitter a vivid image of Kang Jung-ho & # 39; s training defense training. Kang appears to have attended the team training early, leaving only finer details when he agreed with Milwaukee. Kang finished third in the 2015 League Rookie of the Year 2015, and in 2016 he was the first Asian infielder to score 20 home runs.
However, Kang Jung-ho, full of rosy views, fell to hell. Kang Jeong-ho caused a drunken driving accident in Seoul in December 2016. Two more drunken driving sessions have been revealed in the past. He was sentenced to death and he was denied a job visa in the United States.
Kang Jung-ho returned to the United States with a work visa earlier this year, taking into account the Pittsburgh team.
But in 65 games this season, he missed Pittsburgh's expectations by hitting 0.169, 10 home runs and 60 strikeouts in 185 bats.
Kang Jung-ho, who failed to regain the power and exact hit of 2015-2016, was finally officially released in Pittsburgh on the 5th. Kang Jung-ho continues his challenge of regaining his major league career in Milwaukee.
If Kang Jung-ho recovers from the smallest league triple A and resumes the major league standings, he will serve as a backup member behind shortstop Orlando Arcia and third baseman Mike Mustaches.
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