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Incheon junior high school student is the victim of mass assault

"Friend Dad Beats" apartment is dragged by the fist – right foot for an hour
Suspicious "Let's make a statement about suicide."
The police detects four friends

A middle school student who was overtaken by his friends because his father muted his appearance fell from the roof of the apartment.

Incheon Yonsei police station said on April 14 that a group (14) and B Yang (15) investigate four middle school students with suspected injuries. According to the police, Group A hit a friend C (14) who lived in the same neighborhood on the 15th floor of a apartment building in Incheon, Incheon, 5:20 PM on the 13th. They called C on a phone call with Group A, a former elementary school graduation, with the reason they wondered that their father's face looked like a bad internet broadcast host. They called the C group to return electronic cigarettes that were removed for 12 days.

On the roof they fooled on Group C and hit their fists and feet. C, who was attacked for over an hour, could not resist and fell off the roof at 18:40. Residents and planners who witnessed this reported 119, but when paramedics arrived, group C had already been killed.

The police said that when group C fell out, group A gathered on the roof and said, "Let's say Group C committed suicide." The police said, "When you spoke on the roof, C suddenly said," I want to commit suicide. "I grabbed the roof and dried me, but I was killed myself." The policemen, however, confirmed that they had to pull up group C of a group of televisions for the closure of apartments. The police are planning to apply for arrest warrant based on the degree of involvement of the perpetrators.

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