Sunday , May 9 2021

It's a good idea … Conservative reconstruction to continue "

A lawyer accused of "junk" by a special committee member who has been in conflict with Kim Byung-joon, the chairman of the Korea National Committee for Emergency Measures, said, "At least half of the people must swim at least in connection with personal renewal.

At a press conference held in the vicinity of the Yeouido National Assembly in Seoul this afternoon, the former lawyer said,

The former lawyer said: "The Korean party is not a political party," he said.

"If you succeed, come back home and go back to your hometown for decades," he said. There is no future for the Korean government if it does not relieve this organization of re-election and trilogy. "

"From the beginning, the February Convention has been physically impossible," he said. "It's time to vote for the budget and to change the electoral system," he said. "We must delay the bureaucracy for a month or two," he said. I have no more to say if I say my opinion, he said.

"It was claimed that the audit will be conducted in 253 jurisdictions over 49 days. The detailed plan was delegated to the Secretary-General. However, the next day the Audit Committee chairman called for the appointment of 20 days." It is possible that 253 members of the Grand National Party will be able to thank the 80 members of the office in Seoul for just 21 days and complete the reputation investigation? "It was also questioned.

Regarding the criticism that the comments about the persecution of former President Park Geun-hye are related to the impeachments, he said: "How can a person with full authority to take responsibility for the reform of the party make such a change so that he can reform the party? " He said.

He also told an anecdote like Cho and his supporters reported the day before dinner. He said, "I received the message of dinner as a letter the day before and the restaurant is the best restaurant in Yeouido." "If you eat it with sugar, you eat it with tax and if a particular person pays the price, I will continue my unfinished conservative reconstruction." He said, "I will add my strength and power to prevent conservative cases. "

"The idea that the reconstruction of the Conservative Party is difficult now still bother me," he said. "There must be a new return for the country's future. It's the only way to relay the country to the next generation."

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