Thursday , February 25 2021

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The proposal for an autonomous police system that President Moon declared as a presidential prize came out saying he would spread the investigation agency's power and prevent the concentration of police forces. The government plans to turn 43,000 people, 36% of the total 120,000 police, to self-governing police in 2022, leaving them with security issues such as life security, women and youth, transport and local security.
The Presidential Office of the Presidium launched a political debate at the Seoul Government Agency on the 13th, and revealed a plan to introduce an autonomous police system provided by the Special Committee for Autonomous Police (Special Committee for Autonomous Policies). According to this plan, the government will set up an autonomous police headquarters and an autonomous police unit (Dahn) in each city, province, county and county and transfer the current county base and police station to autonomous police.
According to the government, the autonomous police focuses on life security, women and youth, transport and local security issues, and the national police are responsible for information security, foreign affairs, security, investigation, that is. 112 According to the declaration, the National Police and the Autonomous Police will jointly send shipments and field initiatives.
If the autonomous police system is introduced, the police are expected to concentrate on public services. Park Jin-young, a planning officer in the Seoul Metropolitan Government, said: "Priority in police cases was information, security and investigation." When the autonomous police system is implemented, police force on the subway, road safety for children, residents will be able to feel the strengthening of security forces in their daily lives. "For example, when the autonomous police system is introduced, the autonomous police can lead traffic policy that reflects the convenience of residents by moving the junction in front of the school to the student line.
The head of the autonomous police department and the head of the autonomous police force who will lead the autonomous police will be appointed by the city / provincial governor on the recommendation of the city / provincial police. However, for political neutrality from the right to denote, it is a policy to install a City and Provisional Committee consisting of five people as an agreement governing body.
From next year, the government plans to transfer 7000 to 8000 police officers from five areas, including Seoul, Jeju and Sejong, to autonomous police. By 2021, the government will increase the number of autonomous police nationwide from 30,000 to 35,000, and by 2022, 43,000 will eventually be converted into autonomous police. It is now 36% of the total national police figures of 110,747. Among the five regions to be implemented next year, the other two regions plan to choose one of the major cities and provinces as public openings. At present, the self-governing police system is partly applied to limited work such as patrol and crime prevention in Jeju, which is 8% of the national police. It is the government's goal to expand the autonomous police system and strengthen self-decentralized and community-based police work. In April, the independence authority prepared a self-governing police special commission consisting of 9 police and criminal justice experts, reviewing the proposal model in Seoul City and the proposal for a 7-month proposal for the police reform committee's proposal model.
Kim, Mi-Hyang, reporter, Chae Yun Tae, [email protected]

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