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"Park Ji-su – Thornton just?" KEB Han Yongin KB "Archery Basket": Sport Chosun


◇ KB Shim Sung-young (second left) is happy to share Park Ji-soo with a high five after doing a three-point shot at Woori Bank Women's professional basketball game with KEB Hana Bank at Bucheon Indoor Gymnasium on the 18th. Photo courtesy = WKBL

"I would like to shoot some outer shots today (laughing)."

18th Bucheon indoor gym. Cheongju KB manager, Oh Deok Soo, who met the journalists before 2018 ~ 2019 Woori Bank Women's professional basketball game with Bucheon KEB Hana Bank, said:

KB, one of the champions of the season, showed strength by sweeping three victories (one game) in four games before the day. However, Park Ji-soo and Kayla Thornton were not free from the assessment that they focused on in-center attacks. Outfielaren, who was stunned by shooter Gangjae, could not overcome the obstacle following Park Ji-sung's wrong problems in Vision of Asan Woori Bank on June 16, resulting in 85 to 89, the first defeat of the season. Ahn said, "I came to the stadium with the expectation that if the outskirts were handled, the game would be better."

KB's first half-flow was no different from the previous one. Park Ji-soo focused on the rest while the rest of the players continued to attack. In the first and second quarter a total of 35 points, only three (3) attempts were made. KEB's Hana Bank had put a strain on KB with a well-painted goal inside and out, including three of Kangle's holes just before the end of the second quarter, 33-35.

During the third quarter, the flow changed dramatically. KBs 35-36, one point behind the situation, Shim Sung-young, Yoon Yoon and Kang Aejung burst into three consecutive stores, changing the atmosphere at once. Shim Sung Young exploded just three 3-point shots in the third quarter. He added the three-storey relay to Kang Ji-jeong, who had suffered a pain for a while. There are six 3-point images that KB only hit in the third quarter. It was once known as "Archery Basketball", which was acquired with excellent scoring power. KEB, who had been on the verge of KB's three-point offensive, shook his head when Ace Kang Sewis faded away with a foul in the fourth quarter, 59-74.

KB hit KEB Hana Bank with 88-77, scored 11 points and finished the first round with 4 wins and 1 loss. Park Ji-sung scored 11 points, 22 rebounds and 10 assisted in the first two matches of Suwon OK Savings Bank on June 12. KEB Hana Bank, who lost to Samsung Life Insurance Blooms 75-92 after the season's first victory, finished the first round with two consecutive wins and one win and four losses.

Bucheon = Park Sang Kyung reporter [email protected]

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