Monday , March 1 2021

Ulsan, cloudy day, about 5㎜ in the "rain"

Park, Il-ho reporter = 14th Ulsan will have a lot of clouds and it is expected to rain a little during the day.

Ulsan Meteorological Organization said on the day: "It will be most clear because of the effect of high pressure in northeast China, but the eastern parts like Busan and Ulsan will be cloudy due to the influence of the East Wind," he predicted.

The forecast is about 5 mm.

The lowest temperature in the morning is 8 degrees and the highest temperature is 15 degrees.

The waves of the sea will run high in the distance from 0.5 to 2 m from Ulsan's coast.

The concentration of fine dust will be "good" in all parts of Ulsan.

On the 15th day it was sunny, but the weather forecast predicted that there would be more clouds from the western area at night.

An official from the meteorological station said: "The temperature difference between daytime and night will be greater than 10 degrees in the center of the inland.

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