Wednesday , October 27 2021

Alone, now and rock musician Elvis Presley honored with the president's medal of music


Elvis Presley, a deceased rock musician and six other Americans, honored Friday's presidential medal, the United States highest civilian award, and during that ceremony, Elvis let voice in a single song for a short while in the White House.

At the ceremony of US President Donald Tramp, two more deceased honors – freestyle player George Herman "Baby" Ruth and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scallia became.

Mirjama Adelsone, the wife of casino tycoon Charlotte Adelson, was rewarded, resembling her husband, a Republican party donor, Republican senator Orin Hatch, and former American football star Roger Staubhas and Alan Peyges.

Tramps, showing respect for Elvis, who had met with President Richard Nixon in the White House in the seventies, paused while recording Elvis's gospel song "How Great Are You."

Tramps said it was his idea to play this song. When the game was stopped in a few seconds, the president was disappointed and said that the organizers "lacked advertising ability".

Tramps also remembered that he had participated in the Elvis concert for decades, where the enthusiastic fans "went out, shouted, got crazy."

In order to calm the crowd, it was announced at the time that Elvis had left the house, said Tramps. "If it had not been said, I think I'd still be there," ran Tramps.

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