Monday , September 27 2021

Graudin / Kravchenko stops in the first round of the playoffs / World Tournament / Day

In the first round of the Graudin / Kravchenok knockout game, the ninth-ranked team with a score of 0-2 (15:21, 16:21) was awarded to German pair Karl Borgere and Julia Sudi, who were number 14. Together with the loss, the Latvian duo finished 17th in split.

At the start of the first set the Germans got a small lead and reached 8: 5. The Latvian athlete could not reduce his lead even in a technical break (9:12), but he failed to equalize the game and lost the first set at 15:21. In the second set, the European champions also went to the winners with a score of 1: 3, but they were still two points behind the opponents. By the end of the match, the German duo had already moved to +5 (19:14), but a moment later they celebrated the victory with 21:16.

It has already been reported that Graudin / Kravchenko H sub-team beat China's Chen Xue / Xinjiang Wan in the first game 2-0 (21:13, 21:11), which was 24th in the second game and 0-2 (15:21, 15:21) admitted Russian duo Yekaterina Birlova / Yevgeny Ukolova, which is sown in the eighth issue.

For Graudin / Kravchenko, this was the first game since Saturday's European Championship final in Moscow, where the Latvian duo celebrated victory in two sets. Between the two tournaments, they had returned home for a few days.

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