Thursday , May 13 2021

Helmight trained Vilnius "Rytas" ULEB in Europe suffers losses against group leaders "UNICS"

Fin Adomait, Uvis Helmanis,
Nice Adomait and Uvis Helmanis (right)
Photo: BC Rytas Vilnius

The fourth loss in the seven ULEB Eurocups games this evening saw Vilnius "Rytas", who in his area with the result 81:87 (18:18, 25:17, 15:24, 23:28) recognized the superiority of the powerful Kazan "UNICS".

Lithuanian capital, trained by Dainius Adomaitis, who started coaching in Latvia at the same time, but he assisted Uvis Helmanis, now with three successes in the Euro Group D Group, is the fourth place of the sixth competition, while the six-win leader and a loss are directly "Unics".

The winner of the team, with 19 points and six moves, was Denis Sylly, while Eric McCool missed UNICS with 26 points.

Helmanis, who previously worked as a coach of Latvia's Basketball League (LBL) clubs Ogre, Valmiera / Ordo and Liepaja / Triobet, moved to Rytas during this mid season and thus joined Adomaiti, whose assistant was formerly a Latvian team. The attacker also worked at the Polish club Slupsk "Energa Czarni" at the same time.

"Morning" last year after a two-year break came back to the Finnish Basketball League Final (LKL) final in a series of 1-4 confirming the superiority of Kaunas "┼Żalgiris" while the new local championship Vilnius Club started with seven winners in nine matches and the third in the overall ranking of LKL.

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