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Invaščanka 30 + 13, Liepaja wins, but the amount remains behind "TTT cadets" – Basketball –


Saturday's games can be compared to the end of the series's first series. There have been very tense events in the scenario – the efforts of the five Latvian teams to get into the best two (RSU), a technical loss to break the rules and the case (Saldus), the change of legionaries (Liepaja).

In the next series New, still invisible signs will come. Tallinn University, RSU and EuroLiga Club "TTT Riga" will compete with the top five teams in Lithuania in the elite group, while in the second division nine Latvian U16 teams will join the nine known units.

On the threshold of Latvia's 100th anniversary, it was exposed to find out the final distribution of places in the first circle. Liepaja needed an 11-point win to win fifth place. After three quarters, the hosts were in the lead at 66:52, but the decade of the cadet began with a 0:10 breakthrough.

The cadets got their opponents at 76:76. Liepaja, thanks to 2 + 1 beat, won the victory, but the sum was no more than the sixth place. The first three laps in the three teams ended with 1-1, but the results of the matches were ranked as follows: TTT cadets 1-1, +15; Liepaja 1-1, -1; Audents 1-1, -14.

First circle, November 17, Liepaja Olympic Center

Liepaja / LSSS – TTT Cadet 79:76 (25:21, 23:13, 18:18, 13:24)
TTT Cadet:
Judge: Raimonds Poudžiuns, Edžus Mollers, Ģirts Splīte.

P.S. Living statistics were stalled 47 seconds before the end, when the result was 76:70 in favor of Liepaja.

First round total score

# The team U-Z P
1 Tallinn University 9-1 19
2 RSU 9-1 19
3 TTT junior 8-2 18
4 Daugavil University 7-3 17
5 TTT Cadet 5-5 15
6 Liepaja / LSSS 5-5 15
7 Audentes Sports Club 5-5 15
8 Tartu University / Kalev 4-6 14
9 G4S Youth League 2-8 12
10 Jelgava 1-9 11
11 sweet 1-9 10

Mix order

18 teams start in Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian leagues – nine from Latvia, five from Lithuania and four from Estonia. In the first round, seven Latvian and four Estonian teams will play a round from 27 September to 17 November (10 games).

The two best teams – Tallinn University and RSU – will join the elite group where TTT Riga and five Lithuanian clubs – Vilnius Kibirkstis, Kaunas Aistes LSMU, Klaipeda Fortune, Ukmergė Vilkmerge and Siauliai University await.

The first division tournament begins Saturday 24 November with the TTT and Kibirkstis game and continues until the second half of February (eight teams were for 14 matches). The remaining 10 units, including Latvian U16, will compete in the second division (18 matches).

In late February and March, the quarterly finale of the combined league will be held, which will be announced by the winners in the sum of two matches. The fourth finals are scheduled for 8th the 9th of 2019. March. This will be followed by Latvia's, Estonia's and Lithuania's championship's league game.

Latvian teams in the first circle: Liepaja / LSSS, Daugavpils, Saldus, Jelgava, RSU, TTT junior, TTT cadets. Estonia is represented by "Tallinn University", "Tartu University", "Audentes Spordiklubi" and "G4S Noorteliiga". Lithuanian clubs will play in the "Multi Gyn" league until the end of November.

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