Monday , October 18 2021

Latvia's U-16 basketball players protect their place in the elite division


Latvian U-16 boys basketball team on Saturday in the Italian city of Udine in the European cadet championship game in 13th place with a score of 79:67 (18:15, 31:13, 19:24, 11:15) beat German peers and play also in the elite division next year.

In the decisive battle for a place in the elite division, the Latvian national team led by Agra Galvanovsky took a decisive lead in the second quarter, defeating Germany with 79:67 and finishing with two wins.

Valters Briedis, 15 points for Fred Paul Bagatskis, 17 points for the Latvian Cadet with 17 points, 10 rebounds, five assists and four rebounds. and Richard Klansky, who also has seven rebounds.

The Latvians started with a 10: 2 lead and a 15: 6 lead after Bree's shot, but the German team almost caught the opponents, reaching 13:15. The second quarter also started off better for Latvian basketball players who methodically increased their lead. In the 15th minute, Kļanskis converted a three-point lead to 32:22, but at the end of the half, Raivo Butirin reached 49:28. In the third quarter, the difference between the two ranged from 15 to 19 points, but in the last game, the Latvian lead at one point dropped to seven points – 69:62. For the German offensive, Latvian cadets responded with a 10: 0 breakthrough, essentially eliminating the question of the winner of the game and celebrating success with 80:67.

The Latvian youth basketball team had lost 19 consecutive matches in the European Championship division this year, but cadets broke the losing streak and celebrated victory in their last two championship games.

For the Latvian team, the tournament was not successful as they lost in all subgroup games. In the first, 56:76 recognized Israel's superiority, in the second 51:87 they lost to Spain, but in the last game 53:64 they lost to Northern Macedonia. Italy lost in the playoffs in the playoffs with 62:82, Lithuania was captained by Lithuania in the quarterfinals with a place of 9-16 with 63:93, and Estonia's teammates with a score of 71:62 in the semi-finals

The German team also ranked last in the A group. Then with 63:66 they bowed to Italy with 65:70 to Slovenia and 61:69 to Croatia. In the semi-finals the Germans lost to Spain with 60:62, again in the match of 9-16 with 65:72 to admit Slovenia's superiority, and in the match of 13-16 with 97:58 to defeat Bosnia-Herzegovina.

In the European Championship competition, the team led by Agra Galvanovsky had a total of ten Test matches this summer. There were two losses to the Polish and Russian team, victory and loss to Finland and Estonia and one to Lithuania and Germany.

Latviers reached the quarterfinals of the previous two years and took eighth place. Since the restoration of independence, the Latvian cadet team's best performance was second, won by head coach Janis Gailitis in four Latvian cities in the summer of 2014.

Latvia is the only country in Europe to have participated in the U-19 World Cup this summer in both boys and girls competition as well as in the European Championship A divisions in all six groups. True, U-20 and U-18 basketball players lost their place in the elite.

Latvia's U-16 Cadet Basketball Team:

Walter Briedis ("Adazi"), Rihard's Teirumnieks, Kristaps Arbidans (both "Lake of the Land"), Otto Faroenstore, Alexis Gedrovic (both "Riga" / DSN), Fred Bagatsky ("Valencia", Spain), Edgar's Berzins, Raivo Butirin (both Riga / Emperor), Edward Struzha, David Greenberg (all BS Riga), David Screiver (Jekabpils / Livani), Richard Klansky (Orlandina, Italy).

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