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Papewinner praises Jelgava Training Base: The circumstances are truly amazing

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Latvian national football team Miksu Pattelainen, the country's head coach, said the Latvian national football team had a lot of training before the UEFA league matched against Andorra and Kazakhstan.

Latvia's national team went on training on Monday before the final matches in the UEFA league against Kazakhstan and Andorra. Both of these games will take place in the artificial areas, therefore the newly formed base of the football club "Jelgava" chosen for the team in Latvia is the venue for training.

"In Jelgava, the conditions are truly amazing – a whole new artificial floor football is part of the training base," says Peter Lainen on the Latvia Football Association website.

"The Jelgava team has recently discovered this base, which at the same time is an important investment for both the club's main team and the development of the youth system. For our team in this camp, training on high quality artificial floors is important to prepare for best matches against Kazakhstan and Andoru. "

The agency LETA already reported that Pattelain had announced the 24 football players who will compete for the league in the UEFA League matches, including for the first time goalkeeper Robert Ozol, goalkeeper Antony Chernomorth and midfielder Alexei Saveliev.

The fraudster had previously said that football players with minor injuries were included, so changes could still be made. A player tournament was held on Sunday, when Igor Tarasov, midfielder of the Polish squad Wroclaw's "Šlask", was called in place of Aleksandr Fertov.

"This is just our fourth joint training camp, and we want to take new steps in our development every time we're together," said Pattellain. "In this camp we already had a joint rejuvenation training on Sunday in Riga, where the regime was relaxed, as the guys returned after the matches in the clubs. We must ensure that players are properly restored before we can start a new training process with full swing to prepare the Thursday match against Kazakhstan, which we focus on today. Exercise intensity is not good, but we have gradually started working on the tactical moments we will try to use in Astana. "

Compared with the previous parliamentary term, Vladislav Gabov, midfielder Vladimir Kamesh and assassin Roberts Uldriķis have been present without the above-mentioned debates. Instead, not the defenders Gints Freimanis and Alexander Solovyov, as well as midfielder Ivan Lukaynov and attacker Vladislav Gutkovsky.

"We are aware that we have a bad situation in the League League tournament table. Unfortunately, we are on the same level with Andorra," says Uldriķis. "Therefore, we now have two games in front of which we have to prove the opposite. Of course, we can not get out of the group, but our team goal is to prove in these games that we are better than the other teams. In Switzerland, we often have to change the coverage, because in the championship three clubs play every day in the artificial space, including the current champion Bern's young boys. I think that for other players will not be new. I think coverage will not be the most important factor in these two games. "

Meanwhile, one of the leading attackers, Arthur Karašauskas, represents the Kazakh team Oral Akzaijik.

"It will be faster to go against Kazakhstan, including counterattacks. The ball will be strengthened faster in the field," said Karašauskas. "We must use the fact that we have fast football players. Our task in the upcoming games is to return home with max points. In the test I always come with maximum readiness. If I'm in the team, I will do all that depends on me and who will be in my power to help the team. "

The game against Kazakhstan will take place on Thursday, but the match against Andorra will be held on Monday.

Latvia's participation in the League of Nations was not very successful due to the loss of 0-0 at home in Andorra in September, but lost 0-1 to Georgia, but in October 1: 1 played with Kazakhstan and scored a 0: 3 goal against Georgia.

Under the leadership of the group, with a maximum of 12 points in four games, Georgia is followed by Kazakhstan by five points. Latvia and Andorra have two points in the meantime.

Georgia has already secured the victory in the group and will be able to compete for the first place in the D-section next year and a roadmap for the 2020 EM.

FIFA ranked Georgia at 92, Kazakhstan ranked 117, Latvia ranked 13, while Andorra's position is lower.

In the UEFA League of Nations, in rank, they are divided into four divisions, with Latvia playing in the weakest of them or in Division D. It has four teams, each with four units, at the end of November, bypass a two-turn tournament . The group's winners will in turn find out the best team in the division, which will get a sign for the 2020 EM final.

Consequently, the UEFA Nations League will also affect the qualification of the 2020 EM, which will be launched in March 2019. This time, the European Championship finalists will compete with 24 participants immediately in 13 countries, so no host country will get an automatic token.

For the last tournament 20 teams will qualify for the group tournament, while another four will be found among the 16 national teams that won their Nations League title. Within each division, the four best teams will compete and win the way to the European Championship. It is therefore clear that at least one division from Division D will enter the final.

Under the leadership of Latvian football this year, she has experienced a lot of dramatic shift, as Kaspars Gorkšs became president of Latvia's Football Association (LFF) in May, replacing Gunti Indrikson, the organization's longevity leader, while Edgars Pukinsks became General Secretary and replaced Jānis Mežecks. In turn, the son of Miksu Pattelainen, who occupied the place of the returned Alexander Starkov, became the head of the Latvian state unit in the spring.

The match ended with Pattelainen until the end of the upcoming UEFA Nations League. If the Latvian team had its first place in its sub-group, the contract would automatically be extended until the end of the 2020 European Qualifying Tournament.

List of Latvian football team candidates before the UEFA League matches with Kazakhstan and Andorra:

goalkeeper – Andris Wanin (Zurich, Switzerland), Pavel Steinbourt (Gdynia Arka, Poland), Kaspars Iksten (RFS), Robert Ozols ("Riga");

Guards – Kaspars Dubra (RFS), Vitaly Jagodinsky, Vadim Zhulev (Both – "Ventspils"), Anton Kurakin, Antony Chernomordi, Vladislav Gabov (All "Riga"), Vitaly Maksimenko (Ljubljana "Olympia", Slovenia), Marc Oš Nashhatles Xamax, Switzerland);

Alexander Fertov, Vyacheslav Isayev, Robert Savaļnks, Ritvars Rugins (Ventspils), Andrejs Cigaņiks ("Cambuur" in Leuven, The Netherlands), Alexey Savelyev (Greece Verona, Italy), Vladimir Kamesh Liepaja "/" Mogo ");

The attackers are Denis Rakels ("Riga"), Valery Shabala (Belsko-Bialas "Podbeskidzie", Poland), Dāvis Ikaunieks ("Jablonec", Czech Republic), Artur Karasauskas (Oral Akhajik, Kazakhstan), Roberts Uldriķis ("Zion", Switzerland ) .L

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