Friday , March 5 2021

Požizija is not raised for Latvia's sports prize – Basketball – Sport

The organizers of the event announce that 19 athletes have been nominated for the winner of the best Latvian sports prize, including Harald Sylvor, who won the bronze medal at the Phoenchang Olympic Games in the Bobsleigh Dungeons competition Harald Silov, who won the fourth 1500m highway and also the world champion in motocross MX2 class Pauls Jona.

Still the winners of the best Latvian athletes are skeletons Martins and Tomass Dukuri, biathlets Adrejs Rastorguevs, bicycle competitor Toms Skujins, shotgun Andris and Juris Šici, actor Denis Vasiliev, basketball player Jānis Strēlnieks, ice hockey goalkeeper Elvis Merzlinkins, boxer Mairis Briedis, gourmet Alexei Rumjancev and Karatists Kalvis Kalnins.

Among the candidates for the prestigious award are representatives of lesser-known sports skater Janis Kuzmins, world champion in the wind tunnel Toms Ivans, spokesman for arm wrestling Vladislav Krasovsky and the country's leading competitor Kristaps Neretnieks.

Meanwhile, there is no competitor in Latvia in the last two years, Latvia's best sportsman, Porzingy. Probably, he suffered a serious knee injury in February this year and has not yet returned to New York's "Knicks", and this is not expected until Christmas.

By contrast, the best Latvian sports awards are significantly less than nine. Among the favorites were only Rebecca Koha, who won the bronze championship Anastasia Sevastova and Aion Ostapenko, sculptor Lelde Priedulen and Taekwondo wrestler Inese Tarvida.

Even the best wrestlers in Latvia celebrate beach volleyball players Tina Laura Graudina and Anastasia Kravchenko, BMX rider Vineta Pētersone and even archers Katie Neringa Martinsone, who became Europe's champion in 3D shooting this year.

The evaluation period for the Latvian annual price is from 1 December 2017 to 30 November this year. In the first round of 31 October, the candidates of the Latvian sports federation, the Latvian Olympic Department, sports associations and trade unions, industry experts and other qualified persons were nominated.

The current list of candidates can only be changed by the jury's presidency (Igo Japins, Aldon Vrubļevskis, Einars Fogelis) and the second round will take place on November 12-21 with the participation of the heads of Latvian sports federations and unions, Latvia's Olympic Committee Executive Committee and officials, Latvia sports federations Board members (LSFP), LOV specialists, sports journalists and the media, Latvia's national sports councils and independent athletes after the jury's presidency's decision.

In turn, the third round will be covered by a 12-man jury vote.

The Latvian sports awards will include the best athletes, coaches, sports teams, individual sports teams, annual racing stars, annual sports events, annual events in popular sports and model sports.

The final ceremony for the Latvian award for sport will take place on 21 December at the Splendid Palace Cinema. The ceremony will be broadcast on Channel 1 in Latvia's Television (LTV).

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