Monday , October 18 2021

Skeleton steel is the fifth place in the first stage of the European Cup


Latvia's new skeleton player Andija Steel won fifth place in the first round of the European Cup on Friday at the Eaglespåret in Austria.

Madelina Smith from Britain, who was the fastest on both trips, became the winner of the competition, while Steel lost 1.65 seconds of her two runs. From the honorary gun a Latvian 0.38 seconds disappears.

On both trips, Steel showed the sixth fastest time.

Meanwhile, another Latvian spokesman, Darta Zunte, took 13th place among 31 skeletons on Friday.

Under the men, the Latvies competed more modestly. Krista Netlaus took 11th place, while Elvis Veinbergs was in 17th position among 34 riders.

On Friday, another round of the European Cup will be held in Igls.

In turn, the sketch of the new world cup begins in December on the Sigulda road.

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