Sunday , October 24 2021

"Spurs" also loses "Clippers" – Basketball –


Dāvis Bertāns spent just two minutes tonight in the squad, who did not win points and did not miss both their distance tracks. Bertan played in the first half of the match, got a note and +/- minus seven.

Demours Derouzens, who helped complete the first half of the team almost in balance (60:61), succeeded in the "Spurs" leaders, although Clippers was almost always at the forefront. In the third quarter, Derouzens came out with a beautiful strike where he sent the ball to the basket after winning himself, but in the third quarter, "Clippers" managed to make a small breakthrough.

The final quarters of the introduction to "Clippers" were a ten-point consideration, as "Spurs" gradually split. At the end of the match, Brin Forbs struck an important distance and 70 seconds before the end, Lamarussis Aldridge scored two goals in the 107: 107 penalty game. Following a Clippers detachment attack, where the first shot failed but Lew Williams rolled out the distance in the basket.

Derouzens answered two points in a row, while Clippers was on two throws. Scoring 109: 112 stopped Spurs for 27 seconds, but failed to get a shot because Derouzens did not pick up and lose the ball, resulting in a loss of 111: 116.

"Spurs" This was the third loss in a row. Yesterday, it was a big rebellion against one of the pastor's pastoralists, Phoenix's "Dog", but before that, Sacramento "Kings" was lost. With a score of 7-7, "Spurs" now went to the ninth place at the Western Conference, while "Clippers" was the ninth victory in 14 matches.

Los Angeles team scored 23 points for Louis Williams, 19 added Danilo Gallinari, pointing to Heris's balance. "Spurs" finished Derouzens with 34 points, but the accuracy of the collisions was not the strongest side of Old Ridge – he beat only three of 15 goals from the game, the court also had a double-double with ten points and 16 rebounds.

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