Thursday , May 13 2021

The day I will return sooner or later / day

Currently, the 23-year-old National Basketball Association (NBA) is made in New York Knicks Portizzig continues to recover from a serious knee injury that he suffered in February. He could return around the square around Christmas, but it is more likely that it will happen later.

"We can gradually feel you back to the square," said the newspaper New York Post quoted by Porieznieks as said. "However, I try to be patient. The day I will return sooner or later."

Currently, Portizgy has already begun playing against other basketball players in the training, but the most challenging is to return without difficulty.

"Sometimes there are exercises where the knee does not feel so good. Psychologically, this is the most complicated, because you want to continue the lesson and do more, but it interferes with something. You do not have to be too passionate. I always try to be smart and patient, but Sometimes I adore Porziņģis.

Speaking earlier that Latvian could not play this season, but the player himself does not want it.

"It's nice that the moment comes when I get back to the square. On the other hand, this harm has also been a blessing because I've learned a lot about myself and my body in the course of my life. My vision for many things is now much clearer, "stressed Portizzis.

Rebuild existing ones Knicks With four wins in 14 matches, the Eastern Conference holds 12th place and is unlikely to qualify for the tournament in the spring.

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