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"Wings, Size and Strength" – Jekab's Jančevsk Music in Berlin's World Premiere / Article / LSM.LV

The new generation composer Jekab Janchevsky created a new work "Wings, Size and Strength" for a chamber orchestra, oratorio choir and symphony orchestra. The new part of the World Premiere will take place on Saturday November 17th in Berlin Concert Hall in Germany. The concert hall will include the Berlin Concert Hall Symphony Orchestra Konzerthausorchester Berlin, oratorio run Berliner Singakademie and Riga Chamber Orchestra "Ave Sol" conductor Andris Veismanis.

The offer of Latvia's Latvia program this year is very wide, but also outside the country's borders, the concert organization Ave Sol, in cooperation with the Embassy of Latvia, the Federal Republic of Germany and the Berlin Symphony Orchestra "Berlin Sing Academy", the Latvian State in Finland, organizes a gala concert in Germany, Berlin Concert Hall. Composer Jēkabs Jančevskis has been chosen to popularize Latvia and Riga in the world, which has created music for Latvian professional ensembles since the study, including Latvian Latvian Latvian Literature Choir Latvija and the Latvian radio channel performing Jacob's music in the world.

Jančevskis is one of the most prominent composers of the generation who has created choir, symphonic, vocal, symphonic, chamber music, theater and film genres. Jacob's music is an emotionally appealing message, but works always have a balance between emotionalism, live melody and compound intelligence.

For the new work, the composer himself says: "The piece "Wings, Size and Strength "is a story about me personally close to themes – about human spiritual development and the connection with the universe, about the sense of belonging, the ability to forgive and love.

This opuss is interesting because it is bilingual, that is, it does not explain or does not translate the other. On the contrary, the aim is to allow both languages ​​to complement each other and communicate in a single interaction, such as ignoring the language barriers and the different worlds. In my composition, I focus not only on different language spheres but also on acoustic anti-Polish: the spatial remote chamber chamber and the mixed choir on stage. Two distinctly different worlds, but an idea and story. "The author also used acoustic antipodes in one piece: space-distant chamber music chamber" Ave Sol ", which will be in the hall of three ensembles against the mixed choir on stage.

The world's premiere of Wings, Size and Strength will take place in Berlin Concert Hall on November 17, 2018 and will be performed by Riga Chamber Choir Ave Sol, the Berliner Sing Academy Orchestra, the Konzerthausorchester Berlin Symphony Orchestra in Berlin Concert Hall and Conductor Andris Veismanis.

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