Saturday , May 15 2021

World Diabetes Day / Article / LSM.LV marks Riga Central Market with an informative event

On Wednesday, November 14, diabetes is celebrated all over the world. From the afternoon, Riga Central Market will host an informative campaign dedicated to the World Diabetes Day, which makes it possible to get acquainted with this disease and learn more about its manifestations. It will also be possible to consult a doctor at the event.

The head of the Latvian Diabetes Association, Endocrinologist Indra Štelmane, told the World Diabetes Day this year and next year with the motto "Diabetes and Family" to encourage the family to think about how they can help people with diabetes to support her because the family is already the place A person feels safe, supported and loved.

Indra ŠtelmaneKristaps Feldmanis

"And today, on a diabetes day, the diabetes association in the central market in Riga creates an education campaign to inform people about diabetes, the risk factors and the first signs of diabetes mellitus. From 14:00 to 17:00, the Central Market Root Pavilion allows you to get a nutrition expert advice, a doctor's endocrinologist's advice. It will also be possible to control blood cholesterol levels. Let's get free coupons to allow people to go to the lab at a time that is comfortable for themselves and check blood sugar, says Stelmane.

In his interview with the Morning Panorama program, Štelmane acknowledged that one in 11 people in Latvia had diabetes mellitus. If the patient does not go to a doctor for a long time, but lives longer with an increased level of sugar, it affects health and causes diabetic complications. Shellman also found that Type 2 diabetes became "younger" as more and more became ill for thirty years.

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