Thursday , March 4 2021

Al – Akhbar Newspaper

The government crisis has entered a new phase of complexity, with the insistence of the political parties on their positions, especially after the confirmation of the president appointed Saad Hariri, rejected by the independent southern substitute, and despite leaving the door open to the solution by do not raise the level of escalation to where it has been informed since the speech of Hizbullah's general secretary Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on Saturday. But the negative point in Harii's speech came through his "misinterpretation" of the Nasallah speech, especially when Hezbollah's Secretary-General said "What do you know?" Referring to the party's fulfillment of its allies. The party, which has responded positively to the path that forms the government and has already insisted for five months that Hariri is not embarrassed, is not expected to be interested in responding to the President's President's speech or taking it political debate against escalation in response to Foreign Minister Gibran B Assil's efforts. Former leader Walid Jumblat visited the political forces yesterday. He said only after the meeting: "It is true that the tone was high, but the content is positive in the process of forming the government." Sources of the Free Patriotic Movement, known of Basil's tour, told Al-Akhbar that "the roof is high, but the doors are not closed". The sources confirmed that Basil will meet with the Republic of Sheikh Abdul Latif Drian, Grand Mufti, and then meet the Maronite patriarch Bishara Alrai, in addition to other media meetings.

On the other hand, President Fouad Siniora entered the tension and returned to the tone of ancient rhetoric by raising the ceiling against Hezbollah in an attempt to resolve the conflict between the party and President Michel Aoun against convergence between Aoun and Hariri in views. In an interview with Saudi Arabia's Al-Arabiya television, Siniora said that "Hariro's concessions were used by some to extend his authority, increase his strength and expand him in Lebanon and his control over the state, and thus actually became two states within a state." He added, "The Lebanese can no longer accept the state in a state." He said that "these new artificial conditions that Hezbollah presented to stop and disturb the process of forming the government is not only directed against the President's appointed but also against the Republican President . "
On the other hand, the US Department of Defense announced yesterday that the classification of the son of Hizbullah's Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, Jawad Nasrallah, as "a global terrorist" in the context of its continued pressure on pressure and sanctions against the Lebanese and Palestinian resistance groups and focused on in Hezbollah. The statement described Nasrallah as the party's "rising leader" and noted that in recent years he recruited people to launch attacks on Israel on the Occupied West Bank. The US government department also added the organization "Mujahideen Brigades in the Palestinian Territories" to the list of "global terrorist organizations" claiming credibility to Hezbollah.

The US Department of State announced the son of Hezbollah's Secretary General Jawad Nasrallah, a "global terrorist"

The statement came after the US Treasury Department announced sanctions against four people saying that they were "important to Hezbollah in Iraq and to help transfer funds, gain access to weapons and communicate with Iran." They are: Shubal Mohsen, known as Obeid al-Zaidi, Hashem, Adnan Kawtharani and Mohammed Farhat. Treasury claimed that Zaidi was "the chief coordinator of Hezbollah and the Iranian revolutionary protection" that he was close to "Hezbollah financier Adham Tabaiba, coordinated oil smuggling from Iran to Syria" and that he "sent Iraqi warriors to Syria on behalf of revolutionary guards" . As for the other three names, the Treasury claimed that they were "involved in gathering intelligence and transferring funds to Hezbollah in Iraq!"

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