Tuesday , March 9 2021

Alpha opened its new shop in Menara under the care of the surgeon

Under the patronage and presence of Communications Minister Gamal Jarrah, Alpha opened its new store in Maniara as part of its plan to increase its presence in all regions to meet its subscribers' needs and commitment to provide modernity to customer service in their spread areas across Lebanon .

Al-Hayek delivered a speech in which he thanked the minister for his care and attendance. He also thanked the MEPs,

"They say the heart is full and I add that the heart is north of northern Akkar, this region is dear to me, and we are not just opening a new branch of the company, but there's something much more for me to do return to the beginning and authenticity and to the good people. I have received this region where I was born and raised, a return to my family and my region, which I am proud and proud of belonging to.

Al-Hayek explained part of his way of life from his childhood primary school in his city and from there to Manayara, where he studied high school and high school at Halba's official college, and then began his university education and long career in the world with Telecom.

"I came back to Lebanon and it's a return to the beginning, so today in Akkar is a very moving moment for me," he said. Our presence at the inauguration of this branch in Minya is proof of our commitment to everything we say about our expansion plans in Alpha. We also perform before we speak. This branch is part of the expansion plan as we began to bear fruit from Jenin, Beirut and Tripoli, and we are now at the center of the opening of this center, which is characterized by its architecture and quality of service, which includes the best that can be given to the participants in Alpha representing 10% of our subscribers in Akkar on a par with Lebanon. There are about 200,000 participants in Akkar, Bara, which we boast and care for, but are also a reservoir or Alpha company, and this is very proud of it at a personal level, which is the northern region in general, which covers about half million subscribers.

"The most important is the consumption rate in this region, as there are 15 stations in Lebanon is the most important in terms of consumption, including 4 stations in Akkar.

"If there are shortcomings or gaps that will be blocked in the near future," Hayek said. All regions will be subject to the same quality and services in all Lebanese regions.

He thanked all who contributed to the implementation of this project and other projects throughout Lebanon and promised that "our services will not end and we promised that next year will go to service G5 in Lebanon and this service will not be limited to a certain place or area but will include Akkar like all of Lebanon ".

Then he told the surgeon and thanked everyone for their presence and said: "Akkar is dear to us with his good sons who are honored and honored to belong to this country.

"Our plan is to reach all regions to provide the best service.

And much to the heart of Professor Marwan, who will not be happy with this qualitative center, but will use these Accar Quality Centers to save time and burden the citizens. Our new policy is that we are going to the citizen where he is, to be close to him and to continue to introduce him to all modern modern services.

We may be late to reach Akkar, but Marwan has promised that you are by your side and in addition to all Lebanese regions to provide the best services, as in this section, in all other branches throughout Lebanon to serve the expansion plan approved by Alpha on A Scientific and Studded Way Serving Our goal is to be close to you.

"The second question that Marwan spoke about is a key issue that has begun to be implemented quickly, which is to improve coverage and plant the necessary towers in the region to ensure the best quality coverage and the new products that Alpha plans to market. what the boss of Alpha is looking for. And everyone supports him in the expansion plan developed for the whole north and Akkar to serve the citizens.

Thank you everyone and Professor Marwan who daily shows his ability to make the right decision at the right time and in the proper implementation.

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