Wednesday , October 27 2021

Commercial war threatens to lower home prices in Hong Kong 25%


Thank you for reading the news about the commercial war, which threatens to reduce housing prices in Hong Kong by 25% and now we begin with the latest details

Real estate prices in Hong Kong may fall by 25 percent next year if the US-China trade war deteriorates, and these are the latest forecasts for a decline in one of the most Real Estate markets are expensive in the world.
The market is entering a "correction phase" and prices are expected to fall further, GLL says in a statement. Predictions indicate that Hong Kong's market will fall by 15% in 2019, but is likely to fall by 25% if the US-China trade war breaks and stock prices continue to fall. "All real estate sectors in Hong Kong are dependent on China's demand to support growth in recent years," said Joseph Tsang, Managing Director of GLL in Hong Kong. "The existence of a long-term trade war between the United States and China. Impact on Hong Kong's economy and real estate market." (The agencies)

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