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Hariri raises responsibility for disabling him and believes that the solution to the government's formation in the second – Al-Manar channel's location – Lebanon


"We have a golden opportunity to develop Lebanon, especially after the Cedar conference," he said. "We have a golden opportunity to develop Lebanon," he said. And any government will soon be in the future, God willing, will submit his minister's statement on all the reforms and projects included in the conference, and all political parties have already agreed.

Prime Minister Fouad Siniora and the two ministers of guardian government Nihad al-Mashnouk and Jamal Al-Jarrah, Governor of Beirut Jamal Itani City Council, and Chief of Economic and Social Council Charles Arbeed Chief of Economic Institutions Mohammed Choucair and Youth.

Hariri said in his speech, "When I met the will they asked me a date and my ministers. Usually, most associations visiting me carry requests. But what surprised me was Irada told me," We do not want anything from you , but we want to help the country. "I am greatly appreciated because such initiatives help Lebanon, society and the Lebanese, especially the private sector. We need such initiatives to help citizens, especially in view of the financial stage we are going to through, because the Irda Association aims to develop and enter the private sector in a more professional manner. From here, I thank Assem and all the leaders of this association for the great work you do. I am convinced that this success will be help Lebanon, which happened at a certain stage, when Rafiq Hariri taught thousands of Lebanese students. Today you do a similar job, thank you. "

"It is true that today we are a guardian government and I am an expensive president, but the main goal for me is a way of developing the country. I think we have a golden opportunity to do that, especially after the Cedar conference, which is true for big projects, but the foundation for the private sector is small and medium-sized businesses, and that's what you do and what we need to develop. This sector is raising the national economy, and the larger the small and medium-sized private sector, the greater is the economy. Therefore, if we work as a public sector with you, the private sector, it will be the basis for the growth we want. In addition, Cedar is not just a set of projects. It is also a reform package. Without these reforms we can not promote the country, and most importantly, before we go to the conference, the government approved all reforms and projects in it. In the future, the will of God, in its minister's statement, will present all These reforms and projects, and all political parties have already agreed on it. "

Hariri concluded: "I am optimistic about the good, if the government is resolved and the solution is not in me, but in others. I wish you all the best, especially the high professional you make is great, God willing, from success to success. "

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