Monday , September 27 2021

How Naeem Halawi commented on the campaign of solidarity with Wael

Comedian Naim Halawi commented on the movements in Zahle in solidarity with artist Wael Kfoury by saying, "We are a people if we get something divided into it: people with Wael Kfoury people with Mertou."

Remarkably, artist Wael Kfoury shows up next week before the Judicial Detachment of Jounieh to hear his statement based on a lawsuit brought against him by his ex-wife Angela Bishara for neglecting family duties and pledge not to be subject to it in accordance with Article 501 of the Criminal Code.

Bishara's lawyer Ashraf al-Moussawi and Qasim al-Daiqa had filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor in Mount Lebanon following the failure of a compromise between Kfoury and his divorce.

The city of Zahle witnessed a campaign of solidarity with the city's son and expressed great sympathy with him and raised banners on the main roads, where the words of support and sympathy, including "your dignity of Zahles dignity", have also been launched the hashtag under the title # Wael Kfoury red line.


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