Thursday , June 17 2021

Kanaan after the meeting of the block: Basil initiative confirms our facilitation role

The "strong Lebanon block" held its weekly meeting at "Center Tayyar" in Sin El File under the Presidency, Minister Gebran Bassil.

After the meeting, the Secretary of the MP Ibrahim Kanaan said: "Minister Bassil put the block in the atmosphere of the initiative based on the positions appointed by the president and president responsible for forming the government of the constitutional rules and unit norms to be respected in addition to the outcome of parliamentary elections in accordance with law I relation to non-monopoly of any party in his society. "

He added: "From this point of view, work is done in all directions, confirming that our role in regular and blocking under the constitutional rules, not the invention's invention or invention, and we play this role of conviction because we know that the delay in The government is hurting all, more important than the government, and those who do not take into account the importance of all forces participating in the government, which also harms the economy and the citizen and all regional and international files, gives rise to consequences and results on the Lebanese situation, politically and economically.

He stressed that "the interest for all, there are those who take initiative and all favors" and said: "Confidence is due to the initiative of Minister Bassil and supports all positive actions and positive positions issued by any party involved in this dilemma. Success is a success for all, and victory can only be achieved through solidarity, and the experiences we have previously experienced are the best evidence. "

He added: "The block also discussed the outcome of the legislative session and the role of the block and we have proven that the right to die about the demands behind him and about the missing disappearance for more than thirty years and did not lose hope when we accused many of the retreat and compromise and considered others impossible. Yesterday we witnessed the truth and we won it yesterday and all Lebanon won with us and so we have to continue for our justified reasons and so we have to prove human rights as it happened yesterday and there is a virtue for those who fought and fought, Ghazi returned and many MPs It was a success for all Lebanon yesterday and for its image in the citizen's right to know the fate of his people, and that true national reconciliation begins from below, and if there is still there is no reconciliation. If you go down to the people and treat their wounds, you will be reconciled. What happened yesterday. "

He said: "As for Zahle's electricity, we have shown the need to maintain electricity 24 and 24, while reducing the cost of the coastal population, especially when 38 billion pounds were paid annually in an additional form. We have promised Lebanon as a whole that the project will act as model for Lebanon as we want electricity throughout Lebanon, and that the private sector should participate in the solution, but within acceptable limits.

"It's good that we have a budget to compare the performance of ministers and departments and between the approved appropriations," says Kanaan. "We acknowledge and acknowledge that we have the standard to resort."

He added: "Yesterday, the battle can hit many of those who heard the Minister of Finance's call at the end of budget reserves. The budget is still empty because the 2018 budget is nearing the end and there is a need to get a new budget with a new reserve that remains We can ask the Ministry of Finance about the extent of its commitment to carry out reserves that are natural and technical.

"There is the possibility to finance, through government bonds or reserves, held in the Banque du Liban accounts every three months, which can be returned in case of an emergency," says Kanaan.

At the level of electricity advances, Kanaan said that "it has been received to return to the House of Representatives and in accordance with the assets in view of the high prices of fuel worldwide, and the irregularities that arise without return to the constitutional institutions are what should cease, as it happened with the adoption of medicine, even though it was motivated by humanity. "

He pointed out that the investigation also referred to the "Lower Defamation and Law 181" and raised yesterday about this issue and found that some of it is due to electricity costs in the light of Lebanese support. The second part because of the collection is not the necessary level and the The third part because of the crisis delays. The political transfer of factories from fuel to gas and related issues should therefore not be transferred to accusation and coverage, as political differences should not affect civil rights and important projects and the strategy to be adopted. "

"We have also shown our earnestness in everything that has arisen with money, humanitarian issues, electricity and government, our role in bridging the gap and playing the bridge's role that all parties will meet. So here we go, because abandonment has never been in Our dictionary and we are all confident that with this determination, And the President's first match, we will achieve results from more than one file and soon. "

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