Wednesday , October 27 2021

Luxury cabin parties in Arab countries


D. Reda Mohamed Taha

D. Reda Mohamed Taha

The term "luxury lodge" refers to those who sit only to watch without playing games, if they watch a video game C online, in the same sense only to watch, ie. participation, but without real participation in politics. Some parties are established in the Arab countries, where the regime allows it. The ruler is a plurality of parties, which by definition are often "decorative parties". What is really surprising is that some of these parties openly and without embarrassment declare that their main goal is to consolidate the regime that governs !!!, and this is a logic that contradicts all that is known, as well as the basic goals or objectives underlying the creation of parties in all countries of the world.

Often ordered in front of the headquarters of a newly established lot on the Alexandria farm road in the city of Tukh directly next to the road, and for the most part it seems closed, and the amazing irony that the building that looks to cost a lot money, where the luxury of its facades not to practice real events It helps to solve the country's problems that question why the founders or officials of this party chose the special place? Where the party headquarters are far from the city center and the population and therefore not easy for party members to meet and attend, the site was chosen to pass on a message to those who are on a daily basis that we have parties in the country exercising politics , though delusions?

Are the problems that the Arab countries are experiencing in many areas, one of the main reasons, is the lack of practicing politics in a compelling and far from ignorance and illusions and the initial quest to beautify the image abroad? If the founders of any party intend to circumvent the citizens' reality and the illusion of the existence of parties exercising their real role as laid down in the Constitution, I believe that these bankruptcy fraudsters do not have and have only a wonderful will to to offend the minds of their citizens. Urgent issues: If political actors as well as partisan activities shift from actual work and attention to the country's issues and discuss its problems and failures or negatives by the government before praising its results, decision makers in the country look to pay attention to the paper's storage and shape or image at the expense of content and the real enrichment of generations? Whatever his cultural level may conclude is that the consequences and consequences of attention and striving to be only sweet and compelling image of the simple and naive, the creation of generations of young people, most of their concern and their concern is only for fame and light and the collection of money and personal gains and the formation of These relationships are based on interests in any way or trick, even if they go at the expense of the home country. Therefore, they will disappear from the dictionary of these great meanings such as self-denial, vigilant conscience, work and real achievement, not to mention the homeland's honor, dignity and true love.

The death of politics in any country is the absence of events and activities as well as the real partisans, who must at least have a political culture and a good knowledge of things, will leave the arena for the opportunistic mutants and professionals Alnjlh and Ounta – and in the country's children are the Zlantheen – as well as the opportunity to grow up corrupt and interested and interested in the climb of the Middle East and the Arrivals who are drumming for any existing system, these grow up and grow in exchange for the disappearance and decline of the conscious and educated youth. Leaving them a chance to be in the scene.

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