Sunday , May 16 2021

The fight between judges and lawyers … ends with a solution!

The battered justice was divided into Lebanon for days and hours before they met in the night. Attorneys and judges stood face to face. Melanie hearts and nerves dense. Meetings and corresponding statements. Attention of "Knight of Justice" was directed to their captain Andrei Chidiac in the wake they performed and condemned the execution of some "fair guardians". A string of talks waiting for lawyers to iron in "some arrogant judges" after a lawyer was arrested and a second expulsion from the hearing and he was sued to compensate several lawyers and judges for contempt for the human body because the plaintiff requested compensation to the Animal Welfare Board. At the appointed time, hundreds of lawyers attended the attorney's house. The captain had decided to hold the meeting in his office before being taken to the hall with the participation of a large number of lawyers. Five points followed by the Bar Association in Beirut to face "emergency development and negatively affect lawyers 'rights in the performance of their mission in the courts' palace." He started from the "immunity" of the lawyer, who will not hesitate to ward the court's exposure. "The Supreme Council of Justice is the judicial representative of the judiciary," he said, criticizing "illegal legal clubs" after renouncing "practices of certain judges and judicial officers who are common in their contacts with lawyers". He explicitly referred to the "Judges Club", which issued a statement by several lawyers and the court council, a threat to the Northern Bar Association, in the light of judge Samar al-Bahris's claim against lawyer Nabil Raad. Al-Shadiq rejected "unacceptable actions against the law in relation to a lawyer's remand in prosecution and prosecution." He expressed his rejection "prejudice the dignity of some judges and the lack of staff to exert superstition and arrogance in dealing with them." He referred to the lawyers' complaints about the judicial system's activities as a result of delays in the dates of interrogation and a delay in clarity of judgment. The captain finished his speech by inviting lawyers to be satisfied with his in-vigil, keeping the union's meetings open.

The bar was barely ready until a number of lawyers drew up to protest against the captain's position who had designated him as a "martyr". Although the captain touched all points of controversy, they found the statement "disappointing" because he was pleased with his absence without warning. However, sources in the Beirut Bar Association said that the statement was strongly formulated without regular compromise with the institutions. The sources of the union as the lawyers expanded their hands to crack hard to reach a solution. This took off with the hours of the night after the Supreme Judicial Council, which issued a statement on the relationship between judges, lawyers and legal assistants. The statement was positive to the lawyers at halfway. He expressed his focus on prestige from judges, lawyers and legal assistants. He emphasized the immunity of the lawyer and the need to appeal to the competent judicial institutions to deal with the impropriety of which any lawyer is subject to legal or judicial action. He also announced his intention to revive a long tradition of ancestors and his pains to intensify meetings between the Supreme Court and the two law associations (in Beirut and North) and hold a joint workshop in the near future to achieve the goals. Al-Akhbar learned that the workshop aims to bring the views closer and reactivate the judicial inspection and activate the Bar Association Disciplinary Council to refer all those who commit fundamental crimes against them.

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