Friday , October 22 2021

Video – a hotel covered with gold in Abu Dhabi .. costs 130,000 dollars of gold leaf each year


You have come to many exotic and unique hotels, but this hotel will surprise you. Because it is completely covered with gold, according to the site "CNN".

Manoj Koriakuz works at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi and takes care of the very nice 22-carat gold leaf and decorates the castle. The building is about one kilometer from one side to the other. Where you look at the castle you will see gold or silver plates.

Manoj and his team take care of the 2,000 square meter palace, filled with gold and silver worth $ 3 billion.

Workers use an old technique called gilding, which uses 50 gold plates to cover one square meter at a cost of about $ 100.

Wherever you go, you'll see the bishop in the lobby covered with gold, even hall, banquet, columns, lobby lobby and other rooms and palatsuites. The symmetrical base is also covered with gold.

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