Friday , October 22 2021

Why do they go to Rafik Hariri's grave to bear him, the public debt and corruption?


The former minister, Captain Rashid Derbas, made a statement as follows: "In this Sunnic sludge, I try, in a few words, to go out of the debate to some justice, because the political discourse was written in a context where the argument was great and the vocabulary went wildly, if the formation of the fake government is dependent on one of the six ministers, why should they go to Rafik Hariri's grave to go to Rafik Hariri's grave to bear the importance of what happened before and after his death, from the accumulation of public debt and corruption, the economic depression and the national and Arab rifts, and the rotation of their connection to their son Saad, Shahrin in his face when the need arises, the wolf and the lamb whose father muddied the sweetheart's supplier according to the story of the story of La Fontaine?

He continued: "If Saad Hariri agrees to be one third of others' healthy quota, how is a monopoly on his community while the separation barrier prevents the bird from flying over other quotas.
I do not want to defend the president in charge of his approach, which I may disagree with, but I try to call up a dose of justice and national logic to not cope with what you saw anxiety in a time program where college students are almost contradictory and woke up by the eyes and the necks praised so that the donkeys almost broke the sound wall. In this regard, I found that my testimony to people who do not belong to their own thoughts or political behaviors reinforces the stiffness and authenticity of the language, which is due to difference rather than abolition. The people are MP Osama Saad, the son of the martyr Marouf Saad, the direct opponent of the Hariri family in Sidon, declaring allies of Hezbollah, who have distanced themselves from engaging in a confederation and affirming their different national identities as repenting a hateful and hateful stage. Second, MP Fuad Makhzoumi, who competed with Rafik Hariri in Azza and took his parliamentary seat in a fierce battle against Saad Hariri, and did not hide his deep disagreement with him yesterday, today and maybe tomorrow, but he did not seek for himself a Ministerial complexes are almost closest to him. What happens to the seventh sex. The third is a friend of Ladud, with whom I have a long history of political and personal misunderstanding. I mean President Najib Miqati, who won the largest Lebanese preferential number, and maintains a friendly room with Saad Harir's opponent. Complies with the Constitution and Taif and the liberation of powers. "

"These three have received the voices of the Southern Preference, according to the Ministry of Interior's website 42528, and therefore represent a segment and a stream of representative quality free of foreign aid," he concluded.

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