Friday , April 23 2021

CSKA without major contributions from N.De Colo did not give much hope to Bavaria

Moscow CSKA (7/0) team is still among the two Euroleague teams that have not yet shot this season. This time, students of Dimitri Itoudz are guests 93:79 (30:23, 26:17, 21:25, 16:14) met Munich Bayern (3/4).

In the CSKA game, they dictated their rules from the first quarter. Even during the second quarter, the difference was solid (41:28) and even without the bigger Nando De Colo's help team was on hand.

Sergio Rodríguez struck the distance and struck a fourth long throw, Cory Higgins took the lead, but on the other side the square answered Vladimir Lučićs and Nihad Dedovic 56:64.

It was true that the intrigue came back for a short while, in the fourth quarter there was no precision for both clubs, and CSKA only consolidated its victory.

CSKA leader N.De Colo scored 9 points in 23 minutes, but badly attacked (1/4 d., 1/4 t., 4/4 baud.), Rebounded 2 balls and collected 5 points of usefulness.

Instead of his squad, Cory Higgins scored 18 points (5 pt, 22 nb), 13 added Alec Peters, 12 – Sergio Rodriguez (4/11 pt, 8 pt.), 10 after Will Clayburn (8th Othelm Hunter and Nikita Kurbanov.

The Munich team won 14 points for N.Dedovich and Derrick Williams, 12 for V.Lučičius and 10 for Petteri Koponen. Danilo Barthelz made a great game for the ball (7 points, 11 rebounds).

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