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Do you have stomach problems? Here are 9 foods that you should avoid


There are so many thoughts about food at least, but we still have to give our body energy. But not all foods are recommended to eat when you have problems, especially if your stomach is also affected. So, what should you refuse to get a better job?


It is recommended that you refuse coffee when you get into a virus infection disease, especially when it comes to touching your stomach, "says Caffeine in coffee is characterized by its properties, which greatly affects you when you are not in trouble – "exudes" fluids from the body.

According to the Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center in Fontana Valley, California, by Kristine Arthur, the body needs fluids to avoid dehydration, and also helps the immune system to fight viruses more effectively. Caffeine is even worse companion if you are vomiting diarrhea, so you can lose even more fluids. In addition, according to a doctor, caffeine can actually stimulate your intestinal muscles and increase diarrhea.

orange juice

Orange juice is not suitable if you eat or have a sore throat. Juice acidity is really refreshing, but when you get your throat, you're cold, orange juice can make you feel even more uncomfortable. "They contain citric acid, which annoys the already sore throat," says Taz Bathia, Professor of Integrated Medicine at Emory University, and author of the doctor's thoughts.


The use of refined sugar can temporarily suppress the ability of white blood cells to fight bacteria, according to Arthur. After biscuits, candy or other sweets, the immune system becomes weaker. So, there are less fighting bacteria. Refined sugar causes even more problems if you suffer from stomach discomfort. "Sugar usually drains fluid from the gastrointestinal tract, which can lead to fluid, watery scum, diarrhea," says the doctor.

Caffeine-based soft drinks

Caffeine-based soft drinks work in the same way as coffee. They are not recommended for use when you are ill, especially when you are in the gastrointestinal tract. As Arthur says, they contain a lot of sugar that suppresses the immune system, which affects the digestive system. According to the doctor, if you do not drink water and you can not drink it a lot, try drinking less sugar, rehydrated electrolytes – like sports drinks or coconut water.

Do not go here and diet drinks. "Many artificial sweeteners are high molecules that can not be broken down and deepened," says Arthur. – It can lead to stomach cramps, spasms and even diarrhea. "

Crispy snacks

If you hug or pick up your throat, you should forget about broken snacks – like potatoes or other crisps, dry breakfast, toast, etc., as this type of food makes you feel like sucking your throat. The doctor usually explains: The more you irritate the throat, the longer it will be.


Alcohol shares the same tribute with coffee and soft drinks containing caffeine. It is not advisable to take it when you have a problem, especially if it is a stomach problem. Because the body is dehydrated, drinking alcohol when you have trouble getting it increases your blood levels faster – this is one of the reasons that you will soon recover. In addition, alcohol can accelerate digestion and thus cause diarrhea.

dairy products

You have probably heard that it is not advisable to consume dairy products when you have, because they produce more naughty and saliva. However, this is not a complete truth. "There is no exact evidence that reduced consumption of dairy products will decrease mucus," Arthur says, adding that there are people who still believe in it. Tips – If you experience discomfort, do not use them until you recover.

Fried fat food

Fry and fatty foods are at least advisable for those who have a stomach problem. "Fat food is fed much longer, which can give a feeling of nausea or reflux," says Bhatia. As this type of food causes muscle spasms in the intestines it can lead to diarrhea. So, such foods like fried potatoes, burgers and the like. stay for a while when you are well.

Spicy food

The hole was struck? Then it is advisable to put the spicy food aside until you recover. Chili peppermint and spicy sauce gives capsicin – a compound that can irritate the nasal cavity and even more "drop" the nose. According to T. Bhatia, if you suffer, you are busy, the consumption of crisp food can only aggravate the situation. Well, if the nose is very tight, it may help her "free up".

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