Friday , April 23 2021

Former Lithuanian challenger Croatia is no newcomer to Ryto

"This is the list of players we need for the qualification," said Anzulovich.

Croatia's team at the bottom of the group must win the upcoming match on two matches if you want to save the chance to qualify for the 2019 World Cup in China.

List of 15 invited players in Croatian team: Mate Kalajzčić, Martin Junakovich, Toni Katič, Domjan Bosnak, Karl Zganec, Jakov Mustapil, Josip Bilinovac, Marin Rozic, Luka Božić, Domagojus Vukovičius, Lukas Babičius, Miro Bilanas, Tomislav Zubčičius, Hrvoje Peričius, Marjanas Cakarunas.

It appears that D. Adomaitė, who is also a strategist for Vilnius 'Morning', is in such a situation. The coach said on Wednesday that he would be happier if R. Stipčevičius stayed in the capital through the screening window and would work with new teammates in training session.

"There are still questions about Rock. He just joined the team and is not yet in the shape he wants to be and we want," Adomaitis said. The defender has so far played in four of eight polls.

The Lithuanian team will be in the first training session on November 26, but now it is clear that some players will be late. On November 29, Lithuanians meet with Italy in Brescia and on December 2, they will host Croatia in Vilnius.

In the first match in Croatia, Lithuania defeated NBA points 84:83.

There is no longer any direct qualification for Lithuania's national team because the championships will be awarded according to the ranking of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and geographical criteria.

The Lithuanian team is one of the three European teams that has won all eight matches so far. Germany and Greece have not yet suffered from failures.

In addition to these teams, Chekhov will also have a roadmap for Chelsea next year in China.

The selection will be completed during the last two rounds next February. The three best teams in the team will be in the World Cup.

J group tournament table
(place, team, match, win, loose, dash / dots ratio, dots)

1. * Lithuania 8 8 0 + 163 16
2nd Italy 8 6 2 94 14
3rd Poland 8 4 4 12 12
4th Hungary 8 4 4 2 12
5th Netherlands 8 3 5 1 11
6th Croatia 8 3 5 6 11

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