Tuesday , June 22 2021

Jasait's show enabled Lithuania's cable to win in Siauliai

Simas Jasaitis and Yamaras Wilson, who have done a good job, helped "Lietkabelė" 88:83 (26:20; 27:18; 16:22; 19:23) to beat "Šiauliai" who competed at home.

S. Jasaitis scored 24 points in Antanas Sireika's basket and scored 6 points out of 9. He was well-behaved by J. Wilson who played the best of the season. The American scored 17 points and scored 28 points.

Antanas Udras, who scored 20 points (8/8 years), did not save the errors in the "Šiaulių" team.

Lietkabeli basketball players had 15 points after 53 minutes after two quarters, but in the third quarter it fell to 6 (62:56).

Even in the fourth quarter, "Šiauliai" tried to hang on the opponents, "Lietkabelis" after a spell 8: 2 recovered a double-digit advantage – 81:70. However, the hosts' hosts were not brave, held a score of 12: 5, and only 40 points had a deficit of 4 points (82:86) for 40 seconds.

Siauliai's defeat, which showed his character, lost the ball and had to take a bad tactic that did not work this time. "Lietkabelis", who had finished the meeting, managed to win the sixth win this season.

The advantage of the "Lietkabele" team in the first part of the game was the use of "Šiaulių" team failure. During the first 10 minutes, the hosts made a 7-fold mistake, with Panevėžys who used it already at 26:20.

In the second quarter, Lietkabelis, led by J. Wilson and S. Yasaitis, did not decrease the turn and left for a long break with a 15-point advantage (53:38). Panevezys failed to maintain endurance until the end of the meeting.

In Panevezys team, Betsafe-LKL played Stefan Sinovec's debut at this meeting. However, Serbia could not stand out and scored 2 points in 10 minutes. Vytenis Lipkevičius and Ernestas Ežerskis have not been able to lend to other teams this week for Lietikabelė.

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