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Valuable phenomenon Raptors and Valanciunas: an unexpected decision


Toronto Raptors in the National Basketball League (NBA) show record results for the club – the first in the East Conference, 12 of 15 possible victories, and the growing quality of the game is just a part of what has been achieved during the incessant 2018-2019 season.

According to NBA analysts, such a Raptors game should not surprise the basketball fans, but one of the main reasons for the increasing number of wins is the unexpected, but obviously true, coach Nick Nurse's decision.

The Toronto club's strategy this season is not separated from the composition's routine, and in the case of unusually frequent changes in the fifth start, the name of the Lithuanian singer Jonas Valančiūnas is the most famous.

"The best that Nurse Nurse could have done with the Raptors team is the correct distribution of time between Jonas Valanciūnas and Serge Ibaka's game," experts say.

Last year, the team's fans saw this high altitude in the squad for the whole season – Valanciun, who plays instead of midfielder and Ibaka, who plays fourth number (heavy striker).

This season, both Lithuanians and Spaniards compete in the middle position only, and the Raptors team makes it possible for the center to be in the middle for 48 minutes.

Ibaka starts this season more often than Valanciunas, but it does not limit Lithuania's ability to play the best basketball career completely.

That's exactly what Nursing's idea is – the coach has four main players and midfielders choose exclusively before each match.

If there is a lot of crime with athletic, but more solid rivals "centers" like De Anders Jordon, Lithuania begins. If the opponents are faster – the coach takes up S. Ibaka.

Of course, such a role is suitable for basketball players – both Spain and Lithuania play exceptional prices during the season and may not be so effective but contribute significantly to Raptor's dominance in the league.

"The fact that Valanciunas often starts the match from the bench has no bad consequences. On the contrary, Lithuanians get clear data and are examples of them," said the relentless Americans.

S. Ibaka collects an average of 17.9 points this season and earns 8.4 points.

J. Valanciunas earned an average of 13.1 points in 15 games and played 7.5 points.

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