Friday , May 14 2021

Williams will sign a contract with R. Kubica before the end of the week?

German Auto Motor und Sport claims that next season is the final return of Robert Kubica to Formula 1 as the main pilot.

Journalists believe it is Pope Robert Kubica to become George Russell's teammate next season. The probability that the contract will be signed this week is estimated at 90%. The main points of the agreement have already been harmonized, only a few details have to be discussed.

It is very true that Williams will sign a contract and with Russian Nikita Mazepin – Russia will serve as a reserve pilot during most Friday exercises. It is assumed that Mazepin would have to change George Russell more often because Kubica does not want to miss the training.

If the contract with Kubica is signed, Esteban O & # 39; Connay will leave the main pilot for the next season, but will receive a reserve pilot in all teams using the Mercedes and, if necessary, will be able to start. In addition, Ocone will have a lot of work with the factory simulation of the Mercedes team.

Earlier, Robert Kubica discussed the transition between career opportunities and Daniel Kwiats Ferrari team to work with the simulator. Now this place can be offered to Pascal Wehrlein, who worked this year with the Mercedes simulator.

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